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Today's IOC session

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On 7/12/2017 at 0:35 PM, stryker said:

So more or less the IOC is simply extending the invitation phase. I don't really see how this helps the IOC other than maybe giving them more time to help a prospective candidate city to mount a PR offensive in advance of a referendum. There were hints of this after Calgary announced a budget the IOC almost immediately came out and said it could be reduced and I expect the IOC to work vigorously to keep Calgary in the race especially with referendums looming over Sion and Innsbruck. If both of those cities voted no and Calgary somehow decided to not pursue a bid, the IOC could face another 2022 situation where they have to choose between the likes of Almaty and Ezurum and I think there's a good chance that could actually happen. The IOC still doesn't get the problem. The problem isn't the bidding process, the problem is the size of the Games. Until they tackle that issue, we will continue to see fewer and fewer bids. On a side note, I would assume with Calgary likely going forward that the COC has closed the book on any SOG bid by Toronto. If Toronto determined a Commonwealth Games bid was out of the question, maybe the COC has determined that a SOG is simply too big and expensive for Canada?


The COC does not determine anything... they will support any bid, which means there needs to be political leadership to bid for the Olympics. For 2024 the province wasn't 100% behind it. For the Pan Ams all three levels were ready to go for it. I am sure if there is any leadership, there will be a bid. 2036 is the earliest for that and we will most definitely have new leadership among all three level of government. Also in the climate we are in right now, I don't think a Calgary 2026 followed by a Toronto 2036 or 2040 is impossible.

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