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Who will light the Paris cauldron in 2024?

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First post after luring for many years.  Don't shoot me :)

My wife and I went through this tonight:

Guy Drut - On the organizing committee and skeletons in the closet

David Douilet - as above

Marie José Pérec is a strong choice locally (1996 was a big Olympics for France) as is Riner if he has retired by then. 1996 was bang in the middle of the EPO years though

The brother of Alexis Vastine could be a good symbol, but won't happen.

Zidane wasn't an Olympian as far as I know.

If Romain Bardet wins the Tour de France between now and then perhaps. Similar if someone wins Roland Garros

Jean François Lamour?  Galfione?

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Yeah, the French have a quirky record insofar as the Cauldron Lighters for the O-Games they have hosted.  

For Grenoble 1968, they got the first one right with Alain Calmat, a figure skater, if I recall.  But at the (indoor) Closing, they had Daniel Robin, a wrestler from the local Grenoble area reIight the indoor flame.

For Albertville 1992, it was footballer Michael Platini and a little boy do the honors.

I think if there is NO stand-out French star from Tokyo 2020, then they can always go with a child again (a girl who will be the future "Marianne" as in the logo) or both.  If a Frenchman (or woman in the Women's category) wins the Tour de France that year, then either of those could possibly light the cauldron.  



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