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History of Olympic Bidding Publications

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Hello All

I am currently researching the history of Olympic bidding as part of a professional development project (I am a proposal writer and manager) and I'm really looking to see how the panel make decisions between cities. 

Does anyone know if there is a published history of the bidding process or an academic paper? 

Thank you



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Hi Peter,

Not sure if you'd be able to track these down, but these are some good reference books that cover bidding.

"From Athens to Athens", by David Millar, is a good general reference on the first 100 plus years of the modern Olympics, with as much emphasis on Oympic politics, and the bid campaigns up to 2004, as on the sport. 

For some in-depth look at specific bids, I'd recommend "The Bid" by Rod McGeogh (leader of the Sydney 2000 bid) and  "The Race for the 2012 Olympics" by Mike Lee. Both are excellent insider accounts of their respective campaigns and delve a lot into bid strategies, IOC politics and the day-today planning and minutiae of those campaigns.

Dick Pound's book, "Inside the Olympics", is a pretty good and mostly frank account of the goings on in the inner circles of the IOC, and has a lot to say about some of the individual bid campaigns and about bidding in general.

Hope that helps a bit.


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