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Two more Jesse Owens medals resurface for auction

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Apparently, two more "gold medals" Jesse Owens won in Berlin 1936, have supposedly resurfaced for auction in a few months' time. 


How authentic are these "newly resurfaced" medals?  

Owens' memorabilia were donated in 1987 to his Alma Mater, Ohio State University, including the remaining three gold medals which OSU admits are the replacement medals. In all, two of Owens' original medals were stolen; and four are post-1960 replacements. 
When were these so-called "Bailey-Pittsburgh" medals genuinely made? Olympic medals given out before 1980 (when an engraver was available at the Olympic Village, starting with the 1980 Lake Placid Games), there was no engraving whatsoever (whether sport or the winner's name, much less their country) -- so these could be any other medal won by other athletes less famous. 
I was never convinced of the story of Elaine Plaines-Robinson on the medal sold in 2013. There does not seem to be any more documentation for these (I imagine) authentic medals from 1936. When did Louis and Bailey receive these medals? Did Owens tell the truth or lie about the "loss" of his original four medals -- or as it may now turn out, he gave them to Bill "Bojangles" Robinson, and now, to a Pittsburgh hotel owner? 

Will Jesse Owens turn out to be another Bill Cosby twister of facts? 
I hope Heritage Auctions does its authentic due diligence on the true provenance of these "medals" well.  Until then, I would say Buyer beware.

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