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Winter Special Olynpics live now!

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ABC has a long history with the Special Olympics going back to at least 1987, originally on it's Wide World Of Sports anthology show.  ESPN has been covering the games since 1995 as well.  Oddly enough, although ABC/ESPN was the main network for the 1995 Special Olympics World Summer Games, the Opening Ceremony was aired (on tape delay) on NBC.  This is the first winter games given this kind of broadcast time in the US except for PAX network's coverage of the 2001 Winter Games in Anchorage.

By the way, I've seen every Special Olympic World Summer Games Opening Ceremony since 1995 and today's ceremony was the best by far!  Really well done - visually stunning and very entertaining.  Even ABC showed virtually the whole thing, and with only a handful of commercial breaks.

Networks of the Special Olympics World Games in the US:

1987 ABC 1991 ABC 1995 ABC ESPN (Opening Ceremony on NBC) 1999 ABC ESPN 2001 PAX 2003 PBS 2007 ABC ESPN (Opening Ceremony on ABC Family Channel) 2011 (No Coverage) 2015 ABC ESPN 2017 ABC ESPN

Among the featured performers at past opening ceremonies were: Whitney Houston and John Denver (1987), Prince (1991), Hootie and the Blowfish (1995), Stevie Wonder (1999), and The Coors (2003).

Anyone who wants to see more of the 2017 games can look at the schedule I've posted on the ceremonies board.


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