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2022 Commonwealth Games Competition!

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So after the crushing blow to South Africa's hosting ambitions we really MUST find another host ASAP!


So in this competition we need proposals for a new site!  We need a new logo, a list of venues and a solid village plan.

Basically you should be able to shoe-horn this into a 4-5 pages brochure that we will then vote on - thus saving the CGF a ****-ton of work.

So some ground rules - Glasgow, (New and Old) Delhi, the Gold Coast are out as they are really obvious re-runs.

The city has to be in the Commonwealth.  This does not mean the USA who some think tank wants to have rejoin the Commonwealth.  You can bid with other cities from Australia/South Africa (lolz) etc.

The brochures need to be done ASAP - I realise they will take a bit of work but can't be bothered setting a specific date.  You have to confirm your nomination and logo by the end of this week though.  Yes.  In 6 days.


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