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USA to join the Commonwealth?

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It makes no sense.

Canada enjoys being a part of the Commonwealth because it helps them recruit skilled workers from places like India, maintain cultural links with the other former-colonies, offer an avenue for trade, and maintain a separate identity from the USA. None of those things matter to Americans. There are already few barriers to trade between the USA and Australia, Canada and the UK because every country wants to sign a trade agreement with the world's largest economy.

And since this is a games forum, it is worth pointing out that other Commonwealth countries likely would not enjoy competing against the USA at the Commonwealth Games.

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So long as our president, VP or whoever else opens all of our olympic games instead of the royal family or whatever the hell comes from across the pond I don't really care. Oh, but that would also mean we get to compete in and host the Commonwealth Games! Prepare for everyone to get a smaller medal count!

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An "observer" nation member perhaps...Just too unwieldy too be an effectual member without winding everyone else up. Many CF member nations are in the club simply because America isn't. They can speak freely without any recriminations and that usually involves spouting off at the USA and treatment by them...

This idea has been blown out of proportion after an alleged  comment in passing made by Her Majesty last month stating that she would welcome USA as a Commonwealth member and President Trump was favourable to talk more on the idea.

This is on the back of Ireland looking at rejoining the Commonwealth as a healing over it's violent independence a hundred years ago.

An open invitation to attend the Commonwealth Games exists as the original premise was for "all English Speaking People unite in sports" event. Considering half the USA  speak Spanish now, could be a problem.

There is a new alliance being bantered around the diplomatic circles and trade lobbies...The CANZUKS Alliance (Canada,Australia,NZ,UK,Singapore). The general feeling among it's members is to foster open visa and easy trade flow between what have always been considered the Commonwealth's premier nations. This is a creation partly caused by Brexit and the election of isolationist Trump. It also has caused an us and them within the Commonwealth, with the organisation clearly splitting into two levels of "wealth". 



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