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Copper Medal (4th Place) Coming for Olympics?

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From Around the Rings . . .

(ATR) It could be gold, silver, bronze and copper if the IOC moves ahead with a proposal at its meetings in Seoul to add a fourth medal to podium of the Olympic Games. Sources tell Around the Rings that the new medal, proposed to be made of copper, could be added as soon as Beijing.

The new medal is being advocated by the Association of Small Olympic Committees (ASOC) as a way to expand the recognition of athletes from outside the circle of powerful sports nations such as the U.S., Australia and Germany that regularly finish atop the medals table.

A leader of ASOC says his colleagues considered several other ideas for the medal, including nickel and brass, before settling on copper. The metal was forged in Ancient Greece and, according to some historians, was probably used for medals presented to the first Olympians, more than 3,000 years ago.

Consideration of the proposal over the next week in Seoul has been timed for the meeting of the Association of National Olympic Committees, which could vote in favor of a resolution for the copper medal. If the resolution passes, the IOC Executive Board could consider the idea during its meetings in Seoul, as well.

Around the Rings understands that the IOC President remains one of the main obstacles to the copper medal. Jacques Rogge, as well other key IOC leaders are said to be leery of this break with tradition.

A change would require more than approval by the EB; the full IOC would have to approve a revision to the Olympic Charter, which spells out the protocol and composition of the medals awarded at the Olympic Games.

"This could help improve the universality of the Olympic Games," says one IOC member from Asia about the copper medal.

But another member tells ATR adding a fourth-place medal would dilute the honor of a podium finish during the Games.

"I think it's a joke," says the member, unreserved in his opinion about the proposal.

"If it happens, I also think this would then lead to proposals for a fifth place medal. And in the end, I don't think the smaller nations would benefit much. You would see the big countries just adding to their haul from the Olympics," he says.

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Oops! Forgot to comment  :)

All in all, the idea is ridiculous. A fourth medal is just too much. I agree with the IOC member who opposes the idea. It would be a domino effect. Soon, ideas would soon spring up to create a 5th place medal.

And honestly, it could backfire. Who knows? Like the same IOC member said, it could end up adding to the medal count of the Olympic power nations.

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No, this is just ATR copying GamesBids.com's fine tradition of classic April Fool's Day articles.

Who could forget Olympics on the moon...?  ...or public voting for the bids?    :ooh:

You HAD to ruin it, Rob, didn't you?

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