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Athens Look of the games

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Can anyone upload some picturs fromthe AThens 2004 look (concept and examples from during th Olympics)???

I tried to load up  some impressions, but I dont know how it works...  :rolleyes:


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I'm surprised at how well Athens 2004 made things look distinct and Greek in general.

Before the preliminary plans were released a few years ago it boggled my mind on how they would do it.

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Thanks Pyrros!!! Awesome pictures.... Yes t´he Athens look was definetly the best so far!!!


I totally agree with you Tominger.

I would only add that it was BY FAR the best look of the games, and those who cant see it or accept it are probably (colour) blind  :laughlong: .

Also gets to show that even a small and relatively poor country, if they've got the talent, they've GOT IT  :cool: !

And Athens designers did the greatest job so far (Can Beijin top that ? I DOUBT it ! See you in 3 years, around here , hopefully :glare:! ).

The colour coordination, BY FAR the most colourful , vibrant designs, distinctively Greek and hyper-modern.

I just cannot see this design EVER growing old. They are bound to Never look dull (the colour schemes, the "archaic" patterns - are simply unsurpassed).

I do realise it is quite subjective when judging the aesthetics of sth, but in this case, it is OBJECTIVELY the best ! :wwww:

PS - Pyrros, thank you so much for your GREAT photos !

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