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Tale of the Tape

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The real debate ends here

1) At 11:00PM..the party can be found at

WG: The Holland House

SG: The Holland House

Edge: Winter Games, More grueling days, better tasting booze

2) Toughing it out requires

WG: Putting on 12 layers, heading on a bus, getting to the ski venues, taking it all off throughs security, putting it all back on, still freezing your butt off, and finding a snow bunny to hang out with by the warm fire after.

SG: Surviving a European Subway in 100 degree heat....

Edge: Winter Games.....Getting dressed and undressed in high altitude is a workout beyond belief.

3) The Key Sports

WG: Figure Skating, Ice Hockey, Bobsled

SG: Track, Swimming, Gymnastics, Basketball

Edge: Winter Games...for strict purpose of watching a bobsled driver under the influence..IT WILL HAPPEN ONE DAY

4) Security

WG: Expensive

SG: Beyond Expensive

Edge: Winter, without a doubt.....It's a clear case of finding the non white guys between the ages of 17-40

5) Prince Albert spends his time

WG: Bobsledding

SG: Pimping the Olympic Village

Edge: Summer Games..for him..not the ladies

6) Quality Entertainment

WG: Figure Skating Scandals

SG: Doping Scandals

Edge: Winter..duh...Mob Judging and Nancy v Tonya catfight

7) Random Waste of Time

WG: Curling

SG: Syncro Swimming

Edge: Neither....

8) The grueling test of strength

WG: Cross Country Skiing

SG: The Marathon

Edge: Winter, the image of frozen boogers far outweighs the puking at mile 23.

9) Chick Lookers

WG: Figure Skating..., In the stands

SG: Tennis, Depends on the locale

Edge: Winter Games....Sweden and Norway's ski bunnies are worth the four year wait..

10) Summed up in a word or two

WG: Community

SG: Insanity...

Edge: Push....But life's a whole lot eaiser when there's less sports and more people who understand English

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