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Here is a piece of news that revealed the "new style of ceremony"



I'm afraid of that "New style" could continue for future events... It's only to justify the lack of budget... To "open" the ceremonies as a "Civic festivities"...

The Closing ceremony of the 2014 South American Games held here in my city, Santiago, had that concept.. and of course it was a very poor ceremony....

It is translated by Google Translator, so misakes on grammar are evident...


Youth Games 2018: the opening ceremony will be at the Obelisk
It was revealed by the head of the Argentine Olympic Committee, Gerardo Werthein, in a presentation before the members of the IOC. They wait half a million people

LIMA.- It will not take place in a closed stadium but on Avenida 9 de Julio, at the foot of the Obelisk, trying to attract half a million spectators: this will be the opening ceremony of the 2018 Buenos Aires Youth Olympic Games, scheduled for June 6. October of next year, as revealed by the head of the Argentine Olympic Committee (COA), Gerardo Werthein, before the members of the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

Werthein revealed few more data "to maintain the surprise": the artistic of the ceremony will be in charge of a first-line production company and the standard-bearers of each of the 206 National Committee present will parade in front of the maximum icon of Buenos Aires. "It will be a sustainable ceremony, open to all, inclusive," he told the IOC.

The Argentine member of the IOC reviewed the progress of the works of the Games, exhibited a video recorded by the mayor of Buenos Aires, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, and received the backing of the president of the organization, Thomas Bach. "The project inspires me with total confidence," said the German, who praised the fact that Buenos Aires 2018 will be the first Olympic event with the same number of athletes of both sexes.

"I'm not surprised by the very good reception we had, this Committee has a really impressive long-term strategic vision," Werthein told LA NACION. "Every time we presented them with disruptive ideas they supported us, and that gave us a lot of security."

"In addition, the facts are very eloquent," he added, "with an Olympic Village ready at 87 percent, which will be completed in December, 10 months before the Games, built by ten different companies, which shows that it can be honestly and honestly with transparency An Olympic Park that is going to be ready in April, the members of the IOC see all this and think "it's done." And there's still more than a year to go before the opening ceremony.

Participating in the presentation were young 17-year-old Fernanda Russo from Cordoba, the youngest representative of the Argentine delegation to Rio 2016, and Leandro Larrosa, CEO of the Organizing Committee of the Games.



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Remember Argentina is still recovering for the economic disaster brought by Cretina Kirchner and her friends. So wasting too much money on an event right now will probably just infuriate people even more. 

Holding the ceremonies on the Plaza 5 de Mayo doesn't necesarily means it will be bad. They could still pull a good show depending of the producers. Closing ceremonies of Medellin 2010 were also outside and they had La Fura Dels Baus to perform.


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From the little fans to their young idols: the Buenos Aires 2018 pictograms
2018-01-17 19:12:22

More than 500 students participated in the project, which is part of the cultural, educational, and sport programme for Buenos Aires 2018 that is bringing the values of Olympism to hundreds of thousands of boys and girls in schools throughout Buenos Aires.

They came into existence with the ingenuity of hundreds of primary school students in the city of Buenos Aires. The instructions were complex: to trace a photograph of an athlete in a pose related to his or her sport in one continuous stroke, without lifting their pencils.

The results are the pictograms for the Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Games that are being presented by the Organising Committee this Thursday.

More than 500 students participated in the project, which is part of the cultural, educational, and sport programme for Buenos Aires 2018 that is bringing the values of Olympism to hundreds of thousands of boys and girls in schools throughout Buenos Aires.

There are 34 pictograms in total, representing sports and disciplines that will compete at Buenos Aires 2018. Some were a big challenge; especially those symbolising the new sports that will debut in Buenos Aires, such as breaking and sport climbing.

How do you draw a b-boy or a b-girl by tracing a photograph and without lifting your pencil? And what about athletes scaling a huge rock?

The children’s skills were key, and the help of their teachers, fundamental.

“Our objective for the Buenos Aires 2018 pictograms was to show the essence of our project, and the children and youth from Buenos Aires are the centre of our Games,” said Gerardo Werthein, president of the Buenos Aires 2018 Organising Committee.

“The pictograms are a gift from the schoolchildren in Buenos Aires to the young athletes of the world,” he added.

The project, directed by the design agency Prójimo, started with dozens of young Argentine athletes doing poses related to their sport in front of the camera and under the supervision of the Argentine sports federations.

Using these pictures, notebooks were made and handed out to more than 500 primary students from both public and private schools.

The four-month process finished at the desks of graphic designers as they looked for common points among the drawings to create the pictograms. They were then approved by the international federation of each sport.

The young athletes who served as models for the pictograms were: 
Valentina Pisani (Athletics), Yovela Petrucci (Badminton), Brenda Romero (Breaking), Valentín Rossi (Canoe), Marcos Méndez (Cycling), Richard Kierkegaard (Equestrian), Guido Liwski (Fencing), Constanza Cerundolo (Hockey 5s), Guadalupe Acevedo y Luca Ridao (Judo), Juan Ignacio Méndez (Swimming), Abril De Candido (Weightlifting), Steffania Ceballos y Eduardo Lovera (Wrestling), Exequiel Tuya (Roller Speed Skating), Pedro Dickson (Rowing), Delfina Orlandini (Triathlon), Joaquín Molina (Karate), Alexis Orencel (Table Tennis), Gerónimo Luteral (Sailing), Agustina Giannasio (Archery), Juan Hierrezuelo (Basketball 3x3), Brenda Churin (Beach Volleyball), Mateo Gouk (Sport Climbing), Victoria Saputo (Boxing), Santiago Rufino (Futsal), Micaela Herbon (Rhythmic Gymnastics), Julián Jato (Artistic Gymnastics), Lucía Casajuana (Shooting), Vicente Marzilio (Golf), Milagros Cali (Taekwondo), Joaquín Aravena (Beach Handball), Celina Saubidet Birkner (Sailing), Ignacio Mendy (Rugby Sevens), Sebastián Báez (Tennis), Juan Girard (Triathlon), Belén Serrano (Modern Pentathlon), Juan Ignacio Méndez (Diving).

Buenos Aires 2018








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These YOG seem to be meaningless for Argentina. Medellin was really eager to make a real sport party, but BA hasn't changed since 1997 when Buenos Aires was the least excited city for the  2004 Olympiad.

On the other hand, I understand that improvement against white elephants help cities to better spend their budget, but for god sake, the Olympics tend to be once in a life for citizens of Olympic host cities, so they should spend enough for decent ceremonies. Rio and PyeongChang did it well, but I'm afraid that BA and Lausanne will be as skumpy as the previous youth winter editions.

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Mascot for the YOG was unveiled some days ago.



Buenos Aires, May 29, 2018 - The Buenos Aires 2018 Organising Committee has launched its Youth Olympic mascot. Inspired by the jaguar, one of the most emblematic wild cat species found in northern Argentina, the mascot aims to inspire youth to embrace sport as a tool to make the world a better place, while also raising awareness about the species' risk of extinction.

The mascot will be named #Pandi, with a "hashtag" at the beginning to demonstrate its strong online profile.

In the animated short, our young jaguar doesn't give up when faced with challenges as it tries to reach the ribbons with colours that symbolise Buenos Aires 2018.

During the race it uses the positive energy of the sports found on the Youth Olympic programme to overcome all kinds of obstacles. It starts off with a breaking move; it demonstrates its skill in jumping over various hurdles; it defies gravity with a pole vault; and it ascends quickly just like in sport climbing.

Exhaustion can't even get in the way of its final goal, to reach the Obelisk in downtown Buenos Aires, where it's embraced by the ribbons to become the mascot for the third summer edition of the Youth Olympic Games.

With perseverance and the festive spirit it reveals upon reaching its goal, #Pandi symbolises the desire for Buenos Aires 2018, the first edition of an Olympic celebration with strict gender equality, to serve as an important source of inspiration to build a better world through sport.

"Like the young athletes that give their best to qualify for the Games, the Buenos Aires 2018 mascot overcomes all types of adversity to reach its goals", said the president of the Buenos Aires 2018 Organising Committee, Gerardo Werthein.

The Olympic mascots are ambassadors to the Games and play a fundamental role in spreading the event's message and the Olympic values of friendship, respect, and excellence among different audiences, especially children and youth.

The jaguar, found in Argentina's northern region, is in great danger due to human causes. Various non-governmental organisations (NGOs) have warned about the risk of extinction as a result of the destruction of their natural habitat and hunting.

The Buenos Aires 2018 mascot was designed by the Argentine agency Human Full Agency. The short animation was made by the local production company, Buda TV.




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It was meh. Had some innovating stuff and the mapping over the Obelisco wasn't bad. other than that, the soundtrack was pretty boring and everything felt pretty disorganized. Didn't felt exactly like an olympics opening and more like celebrations for a national holiday or something. 

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For me it was a lot better than I expected... Anyway and taking in consideration it is a new "concept" of an opening ceremony, it was not bad after all. It was modern and original. I loved the soundtrack, indeed! The segments were very slow one after all and yeah, agree with you Ikarus, it looked for times, pretty idorganized, specially the flag entrance... I expected something very boring, but it wasn't ... Projections on the obelisk were cool and the representations of the sports were cool, but it was a show clearly thought for TV audiences, because I think few eople could enjoy it at the site. Yeh, I approved the show, the music and the ilumination which was cool... but I really hopr it is a break between ceremonies, because nothing can top a ceremony in a stadium... It was all and It should stay in this... no  more "inclusive ceremonies"...

After watching YOG ceremonies and Jakarta Para Asian OC, I can conclude the best ceremony of this year was Gold Coast...


Cool Buenos Aires!

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I expressed my lack of enthusiasm for the YOGs after the games in 2014 and nothing has changed my mind in the last four years. They still seem like a waste of resources that could be better spent combatting the ills facing the traditional Games.

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On 10/6/2018 at 7:32 PM, Nacholympic said:

Anyone watching the OC?

I guess not! :lol:

11 hours ago, Ikarus360 said:

It was meh. Didn't felt exactly like an olympics opening and more like celebrations for a national holiday or something. 

Perhaps that most likely was cuz the budget for these youth festivals openings are a mere fraction of what they are for the real-deal Opening Ceremonies. I certainly wouldn’t expect anything to great from these redundant, imitation games.

2 hours ago, BTHarner said:

They still seem like a waste of resources that could be better spent combatting the ills facing the traditional Games.

Yep - I second that! 

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I had some login issues so i could not comment ealier on opening ceremony.  I really like it for what it was budget wise, the performance on obelisks impressed me. Only think i don't liked is combined entrice of athletes and do that with flags instead, i know it was always a issue, but imo it is one of things that people watch opening ceremonies for, they want to see there delegation walking in and also see what other nations has to offer, the flag entrance was really time reduction for commentators to say something about country made them fill it with very pointless quick info about them which made me cringe sometime, instead of saying something that let you look forward to see from them. i can let it go for YOG which is intent to be low budget as not much people are interested in junor events, but i really hope this won't move over to other games.

About games itself so far they really look low budget... which is actually good thing. This my first YOG that i watch everyday, atleast at night where there most medal events on. I was really suppriced about there athletics venue which looks like typical athletic stadium in some small village in Poland, which explain why they did opening on the streets :p We organized Junior World championships in Poland on way bigger mid-size stadium. I also really liked breakdance events, i like atmosphere of it and i can see it fit YOG... but don't kind of see it fit adult games

So far for Poland not much success, but one supprice, so far only 3 medals.... but all of them in swimming, sport that kind of floored after Otylia Jędrzejczak left which is good sign and we even get first non-mixed YOG medal in team event there. I kind of hope we get something more in athletics as this is our main Olympic sport. I would be really happy if we got alteast 10 medals ;p

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