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Another Olympic Bid Falls To A Referendum, This Time A Swiss Winter Games Candidate


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In a blow to Swiss Olympic, Switzerland’s governing sport body, funding for a bid by the Canton of Graubünden to host the Olympic Winter and Paralympic Games in 2026 was resoundingly rejected by a referendum held Saturday. For Graubünden, the rejection of the project by 60 per cent of the voters was an even bigger push-back than […]

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Yeah, the IOC can't be liking this at all, but I'm also not surprised. They really gotta be shaking in their boots now. I can't see Valais being all that positive about a 2026 bid, either. And is Innsbruck all that serious? I haven't heard too much about them lately, & the insidethegames article that talked about this Graubunden vote as well didn't mention Innsbruck at all over other potential bidders. 

And this isn't just isloated to the winter side, either. Obviously the summer side is starting to see the same downfall, too. And this latest tidbit from eastern Switzerland only reinforces that the IOC HAS to make inroads in Europe again ASAP, & only further cements Paris' 2024 chances. It's clearly a no brainer now. And this is all but only good news for a Calgary 2026 bid as well.

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16 hours ago, stryker said:

And so it begins. No surprise here. I fully expect Sion will probably follow when a referendum comes up. If I'm the IOC right now, I'm working the phones with the Canadians to encourage them to get Calgary in. 

The IOC will probably deny any problems and happily announce "one of the strongest fields ever" once the candidatures from Almaty and erm...Almaty are on their desk at the end of the year.

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I wonder whether we will ever see another European Winter Olympics in the coming years. Sion, Innsbruck and Stockholm could all fall apart. We could then already assign the next four olympics:

  • Paris 2024
  • Calgary 2026
  • Los Angeles 2028
  • Sapporo 2030

Almaty would then become the ideal host for the next Winter Youth Olympics by following the statement that ""Youth Olympics should go to new places".

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