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How was your day?

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I had some coconut curry fish on a potato rosti for lunch - or as I call it - curry slop.  $14AU at the local cafe - so well overpriced and I will probably have it exiting my body by tonight.  Tasty though.  A couple of weeks ago I watched 'The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas' for the first time.  So tonight I have queued up another Dolly Parton classic - 'Straight Talk'.  I don't know if I will enjoy it as much as it isn't a musical and has James Wood in it.  

Work has been pretty quiet.  No complaints there.  I've almost finished the latest draft of a book I've been working on - so I had the chance to do some proof reading.  I've been listening to some Bjork this afternoon.  I am still very strong in my belief that 'Homogenic' is her best album - though 'Vulcinera' is growing on me.  Since I have another hour or so stuck here I may annoy the sh*t out of my office mates and put on some Bobby Brown.

Apart from the Dolly movie I reckon I will grill some chicken and have some salad for dinner.  Early night perhaps.  It is going to be a hot weekend here.  36 Saturday, 39 Sunday and 37 on Monday (celcius kids).  I reckon I'll just get my groceries delivered because there is no way I'm heading out in that heat.  I was considering going to the movies but apparently 'The Lego Batman Movie' isn't released here until easter and 'John Wick 2' has been removed from the cinema schedules completely.  Thus there isn't much worth seeing that I haven't seen already.  'Fences' maybe - but I don't think that one is out here yet.  I'll catch 'TLBM' in Hong Kong in a couple of weeks probably - on the way back from the Sapporo Asian Winter Games.  I fly out this coming Thursday and am very excited to get to the snow/decently cold weather.

Apart from that I don't really have much to say.  Got some new boxers.  They have this iron on kind of size sticker in the back that kind of sticks to my arse.  Which is not a nice sensation. Knee is playing up a bit.  The forthcoming cold weather is going to do wonders for that.  

So. How was your day?

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Screw it I'll play along. 

Had a day off so i played pokemon go for hours. There's an event that started yesterday so some particular pokemon are spawning more often than others, as well as getting double candy. In the game, the candy for each pokemon is used to evolve and/or power them up. A trick people do to level up faster is to do a mass evolve session for their XP (experience points) while using a lucky egg, which doubles XP for 30 minutes.

Headed home tired from all the hours of walking and was hungry but too lazy to cook, or even pop in a pizza in the oven, so stopped by Jack In The Box which I shouldn't have. Since it was 9PM (2100) my time I wanted to try their munchie meals. That's 2 tacos, order of fries that were half regular and half curly, and an entree sandwich.y sandwich was a chicken tater melt whicj was a chicken patty with a hash brown patty, cheddar cheese, bacon, I think country gravy all in a croissant bun.

Was good, but never again because I couldn't fall asleep until 5am. At least in that time I did 2 mass evolve sessions so cleared my pokemon inventory to make room for more catching the next week.

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I was lucky enough to have a long weekend.  Sadly the weather was ridiculously hot and humid (36-39 degrees celcius) so basically I stayed indoors with the air con on and watched a ton of movies.


I watched - 

Loving (was pretty good)

Billy Lynn's Half Time Walk (just awful)

Tangerine (was surprised at how good this one was)

The Founder (interesting - a lot of the McDonald's story was new to me)

Hudson Hawk (delightfully awful cheese)

Spotlight (tough subject but well acted)

The Red Turtle (I love Ghibli - however this co-production was a drag)


Today at work was a bit full on - since I'm off to Sapporo on Thursday I had to do a fair bit of auditing prior to heading off (have taken Wednesday as a day off as well.)  I've taken over the role of Fire Chief for our building - which includes looking after the first aid staff - and they can be a bit high maintenance.  Luckily everything was quite cruisy.  I'm thinking of having Mexican for tea.  I feel in a burrito/taco salad kind of mood.  I'd have sushi but - ya know - I'll have a lot of opportunities for that in the next week or so.  The heat (even with the air con) has resulted in a lot of broken sleep.  It looks like the storms have rolled in tonight so hopefully that will cool things down a bit.

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