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On 2/15/2018 at 9:08 PM, Ikarus360 said:

China has been doing the drone trick lately in Guangzhou, most recently last night during the Chinese New Year celebrations. I think either Tokyo or Beijing 2022 might be able to do the drone show on live, since the weather/winds we're seeing in PC won't be there. 


Drone based displays are nothing new actually i heard of synchronous displays of drones for quite some time, but aside of news of such displays i never seen it used in such big event and with such quentety which impressed me. Since drones allows to put lights and small things above the scenes without need o any costly infrastructure (for example that center installation on stadium that been used to lift the light installation, if there was stronger drones), definitely you gonna see them used more frequently as IoT and drone technology improves not only in Olympic and sport event ceremonies, but pretty much on any outdoor events, it will be compatition for fireworks. Also not only in sky, it can be used on stadium it self too and not only for lights.

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There won't be Unification Flag nor Unified Team at tomorrow Paralympics Opening.



Paralympic Games: 'No joint Korean march' amid flag dispute

The two Koreas will not march together at the opening ceremony of the Winter Paralympics in Pyeongchang on Friday, officials in the South have said.

The North had wanted disputed islands to be put on a unified flag but the South disagreed.

The two nations marched together under an agreed unified flag at the opening of the Winter Olympics on 9 February.

That had been seen as part of a gradual rapprochement in bilateral ties and the nations later agreed a leaders' summit.

The summit is expected to discuss how to reduce tension on the peninsula.

"After discussion with the North, the two Koreas decided not to march together at the opening ceremony," the South's Yonhap news agency quoted the South Korean Paralympic Committee (KPC) as saying on Thursday.

The unified flag shows the Korean peninsula in blue on a white background.

The KPC said the North wanted the South's Dodko islands, which Japan claims, on the flag, saying the omission hurt Koreans.

The South said inclusion would run counter to the International Paralympic Committee's recommendation not to politicise sports events.

The KPC said the two Koreas had decided to respect each other's stance and march separately.

The apparent rapprochement over the Winter Olympics had seen the selection of a joint women's ice hockey team, the deployment of a squad of North Korean cheerleaders and most significantly a high-level Northern delegation that included Kim Yo-jong - the sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

The charm offensive was hailed by some as a breakthrough in relations but conservatives in the South issued warnings and the US was unmoved in its tough diplomatic stance.

Message to the US

In the wake of the Games, the two Koreas held a landmark diplomatic meeting in the North's capital, Pyongyang, earlier this week.

A South Korean delegation is now en route to the US and is expected to pass on a message from the North's leader, Kim Jong-un.

The US, which only this week increased its sanctions on Pyongyang over the death in Malaysia of Mr Kim's brother, Kim Jong-nam, has said it is open to talking to North Korea but only if it commits to denuclearisation.

China has welcomed the forthcoming talks but warned it was too early to assume they would bring a lasting breakthrough on the central nuclear issue.

The past year has seen a rising war of words between the US and North Korea, with the North test-firing increasingly powerful missiles.

The last time major international talks were held to persuade North Korea to disarm were the Six-Party Talks involving North and South Korea, the US, China Japan, and Russia.

North Korea agreed to shut down its nuclear and weapons programme in exchange for aid and reduced sanctions.

But the talks broke down in 2008 after failing to agree on how to verify the North's commitments, and in 2009 North Korea conducted its second nuclear weapons test.


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1 hour ago, PikyoK said:

Does anybody know a link to watch the Paralympic Opening Ceremony Live online in Australia?

You could try the Olympic Channel, but as Seven hold the local rights, it may be blocked.

That raises the question- whose local Paralympic broadcaster is showing the Opening Ceremony live? Something tells me a Live Chat isn't going to be feasible :angry:

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If you like. I would be in it because I am watching the OC live on the computer using a UK VPN to stream C4 who broadcasts the OC. I don't know about the others and their access to watching the Ceremony.

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6 minutes ago, yoshi said:

Yeah I don't know enough about the rest of the world but it does sometimes seem that C4 are the only ones who really care about the Paras. As long as John Snow is nowhere near it - he'd have a field day so near NK :lol:

Yeah :lol:

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Overall, it wasn't a bad ceremony to open the Paralympics, though I admit it got a bit more tedious than the Olympic one. I did liked the climber idea for the Cauldron (even if the lightning that followed was very lazy). Parade of Nations was also pretty quick and fluid. Bandabi on a snowboard skateboard was a cute touch.

Sadly given the harsh weather of PC I expected a short ceremony once again, but like in last February, South Korea did the work perfectly. 

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11 hours ago, Nacholympic said:

Documentary of the 2018 Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony

Just in Korean... Any English version?


In an ideal world, I'd suggest using the auto-translate function on the closed captioning. In the real world, Korean still seems to be resisting auto-translation ....

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6 hours ago, anthonyliberatori said:

How sad. We knew it was going to happen, but it is always sad to see an Olympic stadium go down.


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At least they're being responsable and taking quick action into not letting a structrure fall into disrepair. I'm actually interested to see if there is any render of how it will look like after the demolition.

For what I remember, the plan was to leave the main tribune standing while taking down the rest of the structure sans the cauldron, which would remain as a monument conmemorating the Olympics. Who knows if they will turn the main tribune building into some kind of PC2018 museum for the future. 

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