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With almost only one year to go, I guess it's maybe time to make a proper thread for discussion about the ceremonies. 

However, it looks like there are some issues surounding the production of the ceremonies, according to this link 


It seems that there were some internal conflicts between Song Seung Hwan, the ceremonies director, and Jeong Gu Ho, art director, which forced the later to resign (apparently there were a lot of creative differences between the two, so its now feared the ceremonies might suffer because of this issue). However, Song assures everything is set up and they're now on the process of picking an Agency which will be in charge of delivering the show. 


Song Seung-hwan, general manager of Songpa Hwang, said, "We already have a composition and we are going to bid for a performance agency. On September 21st, agencies will be presenting with specific details. We will select one agency that has the best detail. The organizers of the PyeongChang Organizing Committee will arrange a detailed presentation prepared by the agency and the final scenario will be reported to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) by the end of February next year. At the opening and closing ceremonies of the PyeongChang Olympic Games, I will show the beauty of the Orient as much as possible. We will make the beauty of Korea different from Japan and China in a global and modern sense in consideration of the opening of the Tokyo Summer Olympic Games in 2020 and the Beijing Winter Olympic Games in 2022. "

Also, the budget of the ceremonies, according to the link, is 100000000000  Won , which is around $85 million. A very big budget, far above Rio's and in comparison to London. Looks like they want to go all out, but they're now having internal creative conflicts rather than money issues.

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3 hours ago, baron-pierreIV said:

Still far from London's $128 million; and close to Rio's $95 million (when all is said and done).  

Don't forget that they're spending an additional 86 billion Won (about $72 million at current rates) just building the temporary stadium; unless they unexpectedly make it permanent, that has to be included in the true ceremonies cost.

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I'm kind of confused about the real budget of both London and Rio since articles beg to differ everytime I read them. Wasn't Rio budget much smaller than $95 million? (all the cuts it suffered due to Brazil financial crisis). Tbh i'm not expecting the ceremony to surpass Sochi but with that budget it should be a decent one at least. 

The art guy who resigned from the ceremony team apparently did choreography like this which seemed to be very liked by the organizing comittee.





Kind of reminiscing of Beijing ceremonies if you ask me.

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I picked the $95 mil figure for Rio as their budget and I think when they committed to all the concepts for the regular Os and the Paralympics, that was pretty much it.  (Unless they had foreign subcontractors they didn't pay, like Delhi 2010.)

Well, PC 2018 will look very much like Beijing.  They're all Oriental!! I mean a Chinese lantern is a Chinese lantern is a Chinese lantern whether in HongKong, or in San Francisco, Vancouver, London or Melbourne Chinatowns.  

It's Tokyo 2020 and Beijing 2022 that will have to come up with more original, non-stereotype Asian concepts than PC.  

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I hope they bring back Yang Bang Ean (aka Ryo Kunihiko) to make some of the music, just like he did in the Handover (the only good thing of that mess :lol: ) . It would be epic to hear something like this in the show (though again, somewhat reminiscing of Beijing's OC music)


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He's baaaaaaack!!   2008 Master Ceremoneer Zhang Yimou is back to oversee the Beijing 2022 Handover show.  God, I hope the budget for the 2022 Ceremonies will at least be 500 MILLION!!  The Olympic movement needs those figures!! 


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Well, at least we know the closing ceremony of Pyeongchang will have at least one epic moment, with Zhang Yimou participation. I really hope he's in for 2022 (probably the only good thing of having the WOG being hosted in the smog capital of the world). 

I wonder if the chinese noticed the great reception Tokyo handover had last year and wanted to make their answer to that. 

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Tastes differ between people. Their objective was to grab the general attention of people and on that accord I think we can all agree they suceeded. Pyeongchang handover, on the other hand was, beside the music, completly forgettable. With Zhang Yimou i think China might make people forget about Tokyo for a while. After all we're still talking about Beijing ceremonies, 9 years later. 

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On 1/21/2017 at 3:06 PM, Ikarus360 said:

Olympic Plaza taken from late December. This pic just makes me think they wasted an oportunity to make the ceremonies at Alpensia. The surounding for the ceremony would be the most winter-is since Lillehammer tbh. 



Look at all that snow! And they originally wanted to have the ceremonies at the ski jumping venue but decided against it. I think it's for the better though that way it doesn't interrup the ski jumping shedule and they'll have more options to do more lavish ceremonies.

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2 hours ago, Sir Rols said:

What happened to @nature and @Tulsa -I thought they kept telling us it never snowed in Korea!

A good number of people were bitching at the lack of snow in this part of South Korea, yet years following Pyeongchang's successful bid to host the winter olympics it was Garmisch that was having snow issues. They've cancelled a good number of alpine skiing events because of lack of snow, and the events were scheduled around a similar time period that a winter olympics anf paralympics would happen.

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It could give room for more creativity tbh instead of limiting them to a venue which must be used later on for sport events. I seriously wish given all the snow falling on the area these days we get something like this the day of the opening.


I wonder if i should make a couple of GIFS from my opening ceremony video of actual snow which felt during many parts of the show. 

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If i were the ceremonies producer I would leave the Closing Ceremony as a big tribute to the Korean Wave /K-Pop and make the opening a combination of traditional and modern stuff.

Also I pray god they do much better projections (the quality of the ones in Incheon and Gwangju sucked really bad)

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More recent pics of the Olympic Plaza taken in January 25. Leader of the Minjoo Party, Moon Jae-In during a visit to the construction site (a.Korean politician who was the main rival of Park Geun Hye on the last elections and a potential candidate for the next elections)











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