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6 hours ago, Ikarus360 said:

Asian Games don't rise the Olympic Flag either. Also I think the Pan Ams stopped doing this after they properly adopted an anthem and will premiere a new flag/symbol this year. Seem things are changing a bit ever since Vazquez Raña died.

Guadalajara 2011 was the last one to play the Olympic anthem, while Toronto 2015 did raise the flag but no anthem.

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Just checked the medals table. The fact that with three quarters of events done, Belarus, Ukraine and Georgia are all among the top five nations, does tell a lot about how these games are perceived in Western Europe. Which is - basically not at all.

They did struggle heavily to find a host for 2019 and 2023, after all. Who knows, for how long that event will even survive? That said, Budapest will probably be willing to host in 2027, if nothing else comes up.

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Only East Europe and former communist countries are interested on this event tbh. Might as well just call it East Europan Games or Slavic Games. Then Western Europe won't have to keep pretrending they care at all for this meme event.

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