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Results of the Expression of Interest have been mailed and are on the CoSport site.  Here is the sales schedule:

EOI Results Open - NOW
EOI Results Close - February 8, 2017 at 18:00 (NYC Time)
Live Sales Open - February 9, 2017 (Time to be announced)

For Rio, we received nothing in the EOI phase.  Here we received Opening and several other events.  Will probably not buy any of the tickets because of the question on transportation and housing. 

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I got three of the five tickets I put in my expression of interest. Now for some heavy thinking before 6PM tomorrow. Right now I'm leading towards not taking then. Oh, I'll probably still end up going. But I don't think these will be hard to pick up later if I want.... and by not buying now I keep flexibility on travel dates. 

One thing that seems different this year is the pricing. Ticket prices are in odd amounts (i.e. $152.39). Using todays exchange rate and the published RoK prices, it looks like everything is almost an exact 33% markeup. 

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4 hours ago, lovecruisingtoo said:

For Rio, we received nothing in the EOI phase.  Here we received Opening and several other events.  Will probably not buy any of the tickets because of the question on transportation and housing. 

I totally agree. I got confirmed for enough tickets to make the trip worthwhile, but without any good hotel options, it just doesn't seem like a good idea to take them. I wish CoSport would tell us whether they have any good hotel options - I may call them tomorrow.

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There is no way I am paying those prices.  Absolutely not.  As usual it seems 90% of the tickets are the A reserve only - some cheap womens hockey but everything else?  $300+ to watch ski jumping?  FUCKTHATNOISE!

I'll make most out of the Asian Winter Games next week and will wait until Tokyo/Beijing.

With the stupid lack of ANY info about accommodation - I'm out.  I'm not blowing a thousand bucks to just potentially throw it away.

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Once sponsor and NOC requirements are known there may be more tickets.  For example in Rio there were extremely low amounts of swimming and opening ceremony tickets available - however 4 or so months prior to the Games CoSport got a further allotment from the organising committee and there was a lot available closer to the Games.  A lot will also depend on the local ticket sales - ice hockey is not hugely popular in Korea so there may be more tickets coming from the local allotment.  So after saying all that - is it likely?  The Men's final is a hot ticket regardless of where the Games are - if anymore become available you will need to be quick.

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9 hours ago, shannon said:

Hi All,

First overseas olympics for me have purchased tickets through CoSport. Was dissapointed to miss out on Mens Ice Hockey final tickets in your experience will these tickets become available at a later date or have I missed the boat so to speak?


The first day that tickets go on sale is usually the toughest day to get tickets to popular events. Most are being held back for VIP's, the Olympic Family, expensive package deals, etc. Based on past years, I expect tickets to gradually trickle down to the individual ticket site. Sometimes CoSport will announce "we've got a new batch of tickets coming out on such and such date." Other times they just show up without notice. 

While there are no guarantees - especially with the mens gold metal match which is really popular - a persistent person will usually get tickets to what they want (though not necessarily the price-category they want). Given that ice-hockey isn't popular in South Korea, this will probably be the easiest year to get tickets. And if the NHL announces they aren't coming, I expect to see lots of tickets. 

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According to a report by AFP, the Organizing Comitte sold 18.000 tickets in less than 2 hours after they were open for sale, Tough they also state a poll shows 48% of koreans aren't interested in the games (though that number might change as we get closer to the olympics).

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The tickets are considerably overpriced when compared to Sochi/SLC/Vancouver (in a lot of cases) and Torino.

It seems the Koreans believe their Games should cost as much as Summer games tickets which is just not the case in a country that only cares for 2 or 3 of the sports contested.  Add on CoSport's mark up, dubious transportation plans and a lack of hotel/homestay options available to book it's just too soon to gamble on tickets.

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IOC raise concerns after Pyeongchang 2018 reveal less than 23 per cent of tickets sold


Only 22.7 per cent of tickets available for next year's Winter Olympic Games have been purchased so far with little more than five months to go until the Opening Ceremony, organisers revealed here today.

This figure is thought to mark the lowest in recent Winter Olympic history at this stage of preparations.

Only 4.85 per cent have been sold in South Korea, even though it was forecast that the host nation will account for 70 per cent of the overall total.

The remainder sold so far have been bought by Authorised Ticket Resellers (ATRs) for international purchase - so are not necessarily yet in the hands of clients planning to attend the Games. 

insidethegames has been told that the International Olympic Committee (IOC) have raised significant concerns about ticket sales during the Coordination Commission inspection visit which closes here today.

They are worried that South Korean organisers are not using the right strategies in order to sell tickets and, despite repeated promises, have not done enough to improve their promotional efforts.

A total of 1.18 million tickets are available for the Olympics.

It is hoped that 90 per cent of this total, so 1.07 million, will be sold beforehand.

Only 52,000 have been sold in South Korea so far, of which 62 per cent were supposedly purchased in the Seoul Metropolitan Area and around 83 per cent by people aged between 20 and 40. 

rganisers claim to remain confident that the start of the second phase of online sales on Tuesday (September 5) will help raise interest in the host nation. 

"Koreans are known to be last-minute buyers so we expect to see an increase in sales in the second phase as the Games get closer," a spokesperson told insidethegames today.

A similar trait was recorded before Sochi 2014 and Rio 2016, where initially poor sales were partially offset by a late boost in the final weeks beforehand.

They are using a "top-down" approach in which South Korean President Moon Jae-in writes to different Provinces to encourage them to begin efforts to sell tickets there.

A "full stadia"policy is still being pursued.

Officials are seemingly planning to do this by making more tickets available for corporate use, however, rather than by the tried and tested method of busing in local schoolchildren.

Concerns over international sales relate to the high price of package deals being promoted by ATRs which are thought to be pricing out many other potential ticket buyers.

Pyeongchang 2018 President Lee Hee-beom criticised ATRs for the expense and promotion of ticket sales during the opening session of the Coordination Commission here on Tuesday (August 29).

There are also worries over the low numbers bought so far in China and Japan.

These are two key markets forecast to collectively contribute to 63 per cent of all international sales.

Regional tensions surrounding North Korea are seemingly putting off some international visitors.

Heightened tensions between Seoul and Beijing over the crisis is also being blamed for a lack of promotion within China.

insidethegames has been told that President Moon may appeal directly to Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping in an attempt to change this.

The Olympic Games are due to open here on February 9. 

A separate ticketing process in underway for the Paralympic Games scheduled for the following month.




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I had an "unofficial informal" chat with a CoSport rep a month or so ago and they basically said they are dismayed at how high the ticket prices were set (and yes - I commented that their bloody fees aren't helping).


They expect they will get access to tickets for practically everything by late October and the only sessions that are full are the short track skating finals and one of the figure skating sessions.  Everything else (ceremonies included) are still wide open.


I asked if we will see what Rio eventually did - opening up the local ticket sales to international buyers and I was told not likely (Korean site not built for international credit card purchases).  Ticket bundling may be offered with discounts built in.  The hotel packages have also been a sales disaster.


So we are stuck with CoSport - however there will be lots more tickets soonish.

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