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Tokyo Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games has high level of social approaches

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Tokyo has facilitated a range of sustainability approaches that incorporate environmental, social and economic aspects.

In response to the adoption of Paris Agreement which concerns about the climate change issues, the Tokyo 2020 Sustainability plan has meshed with the Tokyo Vision 2020. It involves the collaboration of both the Tokyo Organising Committee and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government who are aiming to transform the city into a sustainable urban called ‘smart city’ over the next eight years. They will make positive improvements on the local transportation system, replacement of renewable resources and transformation of citizens’ life.

A smooth mega event requires the engagement of both governments and local businesses. Whilst Japan has a strong domestic industry, opportunities are given to the local companies for contribution. The Tokyo Committee has shown a strong interest on the private sector during the stage of preparation and management. It is evidenced that 42 local sponsors compared with 10 international sponsors. Ideally, local business brands can gain greater exposure and benefit from future businesses. For example, Toyota has plans to introduce over 100 fuel-cell buses in Tokyo and sell more than 30,000 hydrogen-powered vehicles annually worldwide. Its sophisticated technology contributes a greener environment, greater accessibility for citizens and increases business relations.   

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