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Ashgabat 2017 Asian Indoor and Martial Arts


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AIMAG5-reveals-mascot-brand-for-Ashgabat-2017_86687370019248.jpg   AIMAG5-reveals-mascot-brand-for-Ashgabat-2017_86687370019249.jpg


Ashgabat, Turkmenistan, December 23, 2016: The Olympic Council of Asia is delighted to confirm the brand and mascot for the OCA’s 5th Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan, in September 2017. The Ashgabat 2017 brand has been created using a modern take on traditional designs to represent Turkmenistan's journey from the past to the future through health, inspiration and friendship along the Great Silk Road.

The Ashgabat 2017 mascot is based on the Turkmen national dog, the Alabai. He is a fun and endearing character who will help to spread the message of the Games and welcome people of all ages to Turkmenistan.

AIMAG5 will feature 21 sports and, for the first time, OCA and Oceania NOCs, with 17 from Oceania joining the 45 from OCA for a participation of 62 NOCs.


source: http://www.ocasia.org/News/IndexNewsRM.aspx?WKegervtea0H8ocpSTNiIA==

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Ashgabat 2017 open volunteers recruitment drive from 9 February to 10 March 2017. However I could not find the link to submit the application form from their website http://www.ashgabat2017.gov.tm/volunteers.

Ashgabat, Turkmenistan, February 9, 2017: The Ashgabat 2017 volunteer journey begins today as the Games-time volunteer recruitment for the 5th Asian Indoor Athletics and Martial Arts Games is launched. Other than being the first point of contact and the face of the Games, the First Stars will also be the biggest ever volunteer movement in Turkmenistan and will take on the duty to inspire their country through their Games time experience.

The Chairman of the 5th Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games Executive Committee, Dayanch Gulgeldiyev said: “We are looking for the best eligible students from across Ashgabat who will make our great nation proud.”

“We want Ashgabat 2017 to have the greatest volunteers who will not only help deliver the Games in September but also demonstrate the warm and wonderful hospitality of our great nation. They must be ready to inspire.”

The programme will include up to 10,000 generalist and specialist volunteers from the host country who’ll be instrumental to making the Games a huge success. Volunteers are vital in ensuring the smooth running of the Games whilst demonstrating their helpful, friendly and warm hospitality to athletes and spectators from across the world. 

Recruitment is now open for two types of volunteer roles; Specialists in areas such as medical services, sport or press operations and Generalists, with roles ranging from spectator assistants, uniform distributors and ticket checking.

Human Resources, Workforce and Accreditation Director,said: “We want this to be one of the most memorable experiences for our volunteers, making great friends, being inspirational and being healthy. Volunteering can do all of this and more, which is why we are thinking more about the long term. 

“We want to leave a lasting legacy well after the Games which is why volunteers will have the opportunity to learn new skills to help them to successfully perform their role at Games time and at other major sporting, cultural and local events.” Eligible students can begin their journey to become a First Star today by registering online at their local Volunteer Centre that can be found in all Universities and Institutes.

Chief Operating Officer said, “Volunteers are the difference between good Games and great Games. Over the last six months and at our recent Test Events, our volunteers have been phenomenal and I believe they will make us proud during the Games. Registration are open from today 9 February 2017 and will close at 23:59 on 10 March 2017.

For further information please contact the Volunteer team on volunteeringinfo@ashgabat2017.com or visit our website www.Ashgabat2017.com


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Ashgabat 2017 unveiled their medals design.



Ashgabat 2017 has unveiled the design of the medals that over 5,000 athletes will be competing for during the 5th Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games in September.

The unique design was created by ELM (Eng Leong Medallic Industries Pte. Ltd), a renowned medal producer from Singapore. The manufacturing company boasts an extensive international portfolio which includes the 2015 South East Asian Games, Youth Olympic Games, Invictus Games, FIFA Competitions, European Gymnastics Championships and Asian Winter Games.

The gold, silver and bronze medals will be the ultimate goal for all athletes competing at the Games and will export a lasting legacy of the event’s hospitality received in true Turkmen style.

Shaped in the form of an eight pointed star the medal represents the most characteristic Turkmen symbol, and emblem of the country, the Oguz Khan Star. The intricate design incorporates other symbolic iconography from the Turkmen tradition. The olive branches, ancient symbol for peace, allude to country’s neutrality status and its commitment to peaceful development of international relations.

The five traditional carpet motifs, inside the olive branches represent the five provinces of the country, but that have in the past also symbolized the five major tribes or houses, and stand for the traditionally warm Turkmen hospitality.

Above the event wordmark appears a waxing crescent moon  that symbolises the hope of the country for a shining future, and five five-pointed stars which again represent the five provinces of Turkmenistan.

On the reverse of the medal is the Ashgabat 2017 logo. The logo is made up of various elements which together represent the Games motto Health, Inspiration and Friendship while the circular shape reflects unity and sharing these values with the world.

The akhal-teke horse is a national symbol of Turkmenistan, these horses are world renowned for their speed, endurance and intelligence and represent Health. The crescent moon is a recognised symbol shown on the Turkmenistan national flag that represents Inspiration, while the star is the symbol of the Olympic Council of Asia which represents welcoming countries to Turkmenistan and is a symbol of Friendship.

A total of 2000 medals will be produced for the Games, weighing all together 721 kilograms and each medal will be uniquely crafted in a process that from raw materials to packaging will take six hours.


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