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GamesBids Olympic Logo Winners' Cup Final  

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  1. 1. Which Logo Should Win The GamesBids Olympic Logo Winners' Cup?

    • A: Buenos Aires 2028
    • B: Paris 2024

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And so it comes down to two...

Welcome to the Final of the GamesBids Olympic Logo Winners' Cup!  And we couldn't have two more worthy logos or members to fight it out for the prize.

But first, results.

Both semi finals garnered 18 votes. I am discounting the4 votes of the new member dnm, who I mentioned at the end of the quarter finals and who didn't meet the voting criteria. Happily, his votes in each didn't change the results. 

So, with 17 valid votes cast in each, both semi finals ended with the exact same result (which augurs well, or ominously, for the Final.

In Semi Final 1 Paul's Buenos Aires achieved an 11-6 victory over aismanggo's Toronto. That leaves Paul the final man standing in his three match-ups with the Malaysian twin. Commiserations to aismanggo, I'm glad he made it to the semis, but I also think it was fitting that Paul make it through to the final. It would have been stung if he didn't. My only surprise is that it wasn't with his Tokyo or NYC logos. But my record of predicting the winners isn't great.

In Semi Final 2, Davey's Paris scored an 11-6 victory over Woohooitsme83's Oslo. Again, commiserations to Woohoo - you didi so well to make it to the semis. Again, however, I think it was fitting for Davey to make it through to that group.

Which leaves us with another of the great Logo Comp rivalries to finally settle. Paul versus Davey. Buenos Aires versus Paris. Tantalising! Mouth-watering! Deserved! The Battle of the Giants! What more superlatives can I give. This is one for the ages and one i have absolutely no inkling which way it will go. I wouldn't be surprised at a VERY close result. I just hope I don't have to be the penalty taker at the end. Please don't force that on to me.

Anyway, to the rules:

  • It's one vote per person.
  • Voting is open to all members of GamesBids as of November 30 2016. 
  • You have around a week to vote - voting in this stage I think will be open until Wednesday December 28.  That will give us a tense battle to watch over Christmas, and a few days to recover from it before we launch into this year's original logo comp in the New Year.
  • If there is a tie between the two finalists, I will take the casting vote/penalty kick. I will not vote in the regular voting time. I don't wish for this to happen - I tell you now, I'll be bloody torn and I don't know which way I would go at this stage. 
  • I'll rule on any disputed voters. I'll rule on any disputes. You can vote for yourself if you want to.

Who's gonna win and be the designer of the One Logo to Rule Them All? We'll know next week. I'd say "May the Best Designer and Logo Win", but honestly, both are deserving.

And one last thing - if you're looking at these and inspired - please get out your graphics packages and make sure you're in this year's comp. We're after more Kathmandu, Hamburg and Havana designs to decide this year's winner. We're just over a week away from the end of the submission stage and we've already got some great ones there. Let's get some more. Go to this thread to enter!

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Thanks everyone who voted, this was a minefield of fantastic creative work! It's an honor to be here with daveyP, we've had fun over the years. Thanks for the support everyone and good luck!! This was the only logo I ever did with colored rings...maybe it's a sign. Here's some support stuff:

Color Variations and Banners








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