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Semi Finals: GamesBids Olympic Logo Winners Cup  

20 members have voted

  1. 1. Which Logo Should Advance from Semi Final 1?

    • A: Toronto 2026
    • B: Buenos Aires 2028
  2. 2. Which Logo Should Advance from Semi Final 2?

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Welcome back everyone. Now it's time for the Semi Finals of the GamesBids Olympic Logo Winners' Cup! It's getting tense - four logos left standing, and four designers still alive in the race for the big prize. Thanks for everyone that voted. 

We had 18 votes in each of the Quarter Finals, and each quarter final produced a clear result - thankfully i didn't have to take any penalty kicks this time around. I had my doubts about one voter - dnm - a new member who joined up last Friday and hasn't posted anything else but voted in all four QFs. His votes did not change the outcome in any of the matches, however. For the time being I won't make any ruling on him, but I'll wait and see what transpires in the Semis.

For the Quarter Finals the results were:

QF1: Toronto with 10 votes to Tokyo's 8. Two very strong entrants, and I was surprised to see Tokyo bow out - IMO one of the strongest logos ever submitted to these comps and personally one I find better than the real life Tokyo 2020 logo. But then again, Toronto's was strong too. At this stage, it's a pity when any of them go.

QF2: Paris with 10 votes wins over Prague with 8. The battle of Britain was decided in favour of Davey. Sorry to see Prague go - it was the original and inaugural Logo comp winner and it was great to see it featuring so strongly still all this way down the track. Sorry and thanks Rob. Again, though, Paris is a strong logo - it still shows up in Google searches on Olympic and Paris logos. No surprise it's still contending.

QF3: Buenos Aires 11 votes over Melbourne with 7. The second Paul versus aismanggo match-up ends with Paul's Buenos Aires taking the prize. That makes each of them one apiece from the QFs. It also means that while our oldest logo winner was eliminated, our most recent winner is still alive. Well done paul - to tell the truth, it would not have been fitting if you didn't make it through to the semis. Indeed, I'm surprised just the one of your got through. While I'm delighted we have four different competitors filling the four semi final spots, it also would have been fair if you accounted for all. But that's the fun of the knock-out format - you get some interesting and unexpected results.

QF4: Oslo's 12 votes shuts out Dubai's 6. Woohooitsme83 wins his battle with Barrack. The good thing about this is that means all four semi finalists are still active members of the board (I haven't seen Barrack for ages, tried to contact him, not even sure if he's aware of this comp).

Which sets us up with:

Semi Final 1: The winner of QF1 (Toronto) takes on the winner of QF3 (Buenos Aires). Which gives us the third and final of the great Paul versus aismanggo rival matches. They've had so many battles over the years, fitting they also come up against each other again here. Who'll win? We'll see. Good luck to both!

Semi Final 2: The winner of QF2 takes on the Winner of QF4. Davey's Paris versus Woohooitsme83's Oslo. Two strong logos. Again, each member having got through with their only win from the past comps. Good luck guys! Whatever the results of either match, we'll have a multiple winner versus a one-off winner in the final.


Okay, rules:

  • It's one vote per person, per Semi Final. You can vote in a both matches, or only one, as you wish.
  • Voting is open to all members of gamesBids as of November 30 2016. 
  • You have a week to vote - voting in this stage is open until Wednesday December 21. 
  • The winning logo in each Semi at the close will progress to the Grand Final, which will be voted on over Christmas Week. 
  • If there is a tie between any 2 logos in any match, I reserve a casting vote/penalty kick. I will not vote in the regular voting time, & if I do need to use a casting vote, I will base it first on my own subjective opinion. 
  • I'll rule on any disputed voters. I'll rule on any dispute. You can vote for yourself if you want to.

Who's gonna win out to battle for which is the One Logo to Rule Them All? We'll know not week. 

And one last thing - if you're looking at these and inspired - please get out your graphics packages and make sure you're in this year's comp. We're after more Kathmandu, Hamburg and Havana designs to decide this year's winner. We're less than half way through the submission stage and we'v already got some great ones there. Let's get some more. Go to this thread to enter!

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The first semi is a real tough one.  The BA logo is iconic however I opted for TO as it just looks exciting (though also a bit of a knock off of the GC2018 logo).  The second one was easy.  The Paris logo seems too obvious and yet the Eiffel Tower effect doesn't really work - so Oslo gets the nod.

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A stellar line up indeed. Very honoured to have my work still in there.

Good luck everyone. You put your work out there for anyone and everyone to judge year after year. Just goes to show what talent hides itself within the Gamesbids world : )

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A shame to see Dubai go. I remember that competition and Barrack's first effort was a plagiarised logo from an airline (or something). After he was caught out he came back with on of the best logos I'd seen in these competitions. Maybe not the mostly slickly executed but it just seemed right.

Stand out for me is now Davey's Paris logo.

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