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McLaren Report Part 2: More than 1,000 Russian athletes involved in doping conspiracy or cover-up


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More than 1,000 Russian athletes across over 30 sports – including football – were involved in or benefitted from state-sponsored doping between 2011 and 2015, it has been revealed.

A second report by the respected Canadian law professor Richard McLaren, published in London on Friday morning, also found evidence of male DNA in two female hockey players’ urine samples – which he said provided “incontrovertible confirmation that the original samples had been tampered with and swapped”.

McLaren described Russia as having deliberately conducted “an institutional conspiracy across summer and winter sports” which produced “a cover-up that operated on an unprecedented scale.”

Speaking in regards to London 2012, McLaren said: “The Russian Olympic team corrupted the London Games on an unprecedented scale.”

He added: “It it impossible to know just how deep and how far back this conspiracy goes. For years, international sports competitions have unknowingly been hijacked by the Russians. Coaches and athletes have been playing on an uneven field. Sports fans and spectators have been deceived.”

McLaren’s first report in July had examined how major events in Russia, including the 2013 world athletics champions and the Winter Olympics a year later, had been corrupted by the Russian government. As McLaren explained, the Russian ministry of sport had “directed, controlled and oversaw” the swapping of positive doping samples with clean ones, working with the FSB and the supposedly independent Russian Anti-Doping Agency.

McLaren’s second report built on that report, with far more information derived from interviews, databases, emails and the review of over 4,000 Excel spreadsheets – many of which he has published on the website: www.ipevidencedisclosurepackage.net.

“We are now able not only to confirm the findings of the first report but also to put them into sharper and clearer focus,” added McLaren. “We are increasing the number of athletes involved, as well as the scope and conspiracy and cover up. A cover up that dates back to at least 2011 and continued after the Sochi Winter Games. A cover up that evolved over the years from uncontrolled chaos to an institutionalised and disciplined medal-winning and conspiracy. A cover up that operated on an unprecedented scale.”


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I wonder if Russia's hackers will now be redoubling their efforts to focus attention on other countries' dodgy doping policies. And crucially, will they go after the ones who are perceived as "the enemy"- Western Europe and North America- rather than the ones whose efforts are likely to be most easily exposed?

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