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GamesBids Olympic Logo Winners' Cup: Quarter Finals 1 & 2  

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  1. 1. Which Logo Should Advance from Quarter Final 1?

  2. 2. Which Logo Should Advance From Quarter Final 2?

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And welcome back everyone for the Quarter Finals of the GamesBids Olympic Logo Winners' Cup! And we've sure got some mouthwatering quarter finals lined up! Thanks for everyone that voted - and sorry if I've had to spam to get people involved - just as I've mentioned elsewhere, without status updates, it's hard to promote these comps now. And it's about time Blake contributed something useful to the board. 

Anyway, in the pool round we had a mix of clear results and a few draws, where I've (and I must say, it's for the first time ever in these comps) had to cast the deciding votes/take the penalty kicks. My decisions were based on a number of factors - my pure aesthetic preferences, evening out some of the finalists who got through and an eye to what sort of match-ups they would produce in these quarter final rounds.

For these Quarter Finals - from Groups A and C. The results were:

Group A: Tokyo - clear winner with 7 votes. Prague, runner up with 6 votes (including one from me). Aomori (3) and Sochi (1) were eliminated.

Group C: Paris - winner on 7 votes (including one from me). Toronto - runner up with 6 votes. Christchurch (5) and Rio (0) were eliminated. Danny's Rio logo was the only one not to get any votes in the pool stages.

Which sets us up with two intriguing Quarter Finals.

QF1 matches up (in the first of two such match-ups in the QF round) the two heavyweights - Paul and aismanggo. Paul's Tokyo takes on aismanggo's Toronto in a tough round yo see who will get through. Good luck to both!

QF2 is the Battle of Britain. Davey versus Rob. I'm sorta sorry to bring these two up against each other, and, yes, I could have avoided it by my penalty kick. But this is how it was shaping up yesterday and I sorta got to like the Brit battle aspect of it. So its Davey's Paris versus Rob's Prague. Good luck guys!


Okay, rules:

1) It's one vote per person, per Quarter Final. You can vote in a both matches, or only one, as you wish. 

2) You have a week to vote - voting in this stage is open until Wednesday December 14. 

3) The winning logo in each quarter final at the close will progress to the next round - the Semi-Finals. 

4) If there is a tie between any 2 logos in any match, I reserve a casting vote/penalty kick. I will not vote in the regular voting time, & if I do need to use a casting vote, I will base it first on my own subjective opinion. 

At the end of this Quarter Final round, the Semi-Finals will be arranged according to the draw diagram from which the two surviving finalists will be chosen for the Grand Final which should culminate on December 31, just before submissions close in our regular logo comp (Kathmandu 2030 and Hamburg 2032/Havana 2032). 

You can vote for yourself if you want to.

They're all great logos battling it out now - may the best of them now reign over the rest. Good luck to all!

And one last thing - if you're looking at these and inspired - please get out your graphics packages and make sure you're in this year's comp. Go to this thread to enter!

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By the way, sorry if the big logos have lost a bit of their resolution - they've been used and re-used so many times over the past decade, they've lost some definition in the process. I'll try and fix it up at some stage in this round or for later rounds.

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5 hours ago, Sir Rols said:

Okay, I've sourced some better-res versions of the logo images - except for Rob's. Rob - do you still have any copies of the original? If you or anyone does, send them to make and I can put that in too.

Yep...I still have essays from school on my laptop. I don't delete files for no reason. Here ya go...



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