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NZ Prime Minister Resigns: Farewell John Key.


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What a way to start the week.

New Zealand's pragmatic and popular Prime Minister, John Key has called it a day a year out from the General Election.

He decided he'd had enough and wanted to leave with a great feeling of accomplishment in his heart. He has been Prime Minister for eight years and NZ National Party leader for ten.

He became Prime Minister in 2008 on the eve of the GFC and using his clever monetary skills managed to steer the country through it along with a devastating earthquake and horrific coalmine disaster soon after.

The Country's wealth grew tenfold in his three terms and is now sitting in the top ten wealthiest countries ranking...something it hasn't achieved since the late 1960s.

His relaxed but serious style of mannerisms endeared him to the population, even those who disliked his centrist government. If a Snap election were to be held immediately, a National led government would romp home. He leaves as the country's most popular PM at his lowest percentage of 50%.

He said he could no longer look people in the eye and say he would carry on, especially after another devestating earthquake in the South Island last month. 

Current finance minister William 'Bill' English will take over as Prime Minister on 12  December with the country in its most stable and wealthiest position ever...a great legacy.


Thank you for your service to New Zealand Right Honourable John F Key.

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