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tricky last poll at the french republican primaries


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To be honest, not having Sarkozy is a good thing. It will somewhat complicate Le Pen ambitions since they can't play the card of the government being repetitive and stuff. Not mentioning the guy also had skeletons in the closet like certain democrat candidate. 

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François Fillon about Paris 2024:


« Ce serait une excellente chose que Paris ait les Jeux Olympiques et pour une fois, j’ai l’impression que la candidature se prépare de façon sérieuse et professionnelle.

Il faut simplement que ce soit un coût raisonnable pour mettre un terme à ce qui commence à devenir scandaleux, l’inflation des coûts.

On soutient la candidature de Paris et, à travers Paris, celle de la France »

"It would be an excellent thing for Paris to have the Olympic Games and for once, I feel that the candidature is preparing in a serious and professional manner.

It simply has to be a reasonable cost to put an end to what is beginning to become scandalous, cost inflation.

We support the candidacy of Paris and, through Paris, that of France "

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On 27/11/2016 at 10:15 PM, neige said:

And the winner is...


The man who had 10% in the polls 2 months ago :blink:

He's now the favorite for the next presidental elections in May.


Seems he's no longer the favorite....!

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How stupid are those politicians? It can hardly be a surprise that with such greedy behaviour, people turn away from them and fall into the FN trap.

I find it very dubious that it is even allowed to employ family members in parliament. And bigot Marine will now exploit this as much as she can, despite not having a clean sheet either. But as we've seen with Trump, followers of such people don't seem to care about their own scandals as long as it goes against the "establishment".

Well, maybe after all Macron is really the last one standing and the only hope...

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6 hours ago, Faster said:

Everything I have seen is that no matter who faces le Pan in the final round, they will win.

Macron is probably the 'best' candidate to begin with.

You're right but things are changing so fast.....!

The election was promised to the republicans (Fillon) and it's now so different.

here is the last poll:

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Not historical but enough consolidated majority for Macron (He won't ever need the MoDem to pass laws per se). Neverthless some of LR and PS deputees have the motto of "macronistes". The FN may have the "best" result in years (8 representatives), but some of them are clear opposers of her and Philippot (he was eliminated). 

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