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19 hours ago, baron-pierreIV said:

This is Hillary-ious!! 




But it also seems depressingly real! :(

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1 hour ago, Faster said:

Is it sad that I am already looking for potential Democratic candidates for 2020. 

Hopefully Democrats will be intelligent enough to pick a Governor or Mayor instead of another senator.

Well I hope the LA mayor runs in 2020! He's a handsome devil, although being a hot daddy didn't help Martin O'Malley at all.

Actually what I think might be sad is that you're now just doing that when the majority of us probably already started doing it election night.

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I've thought about that, but it has come a lot more into focus when you have Governors in California, Colorado, New York, Mass etc and than the Mayors of LA, Chicago, NYC and Boston publicly stand up to Trump. 

There is just no obvious choice like Obama was for 2008. 

I would like to see Andrew Cuomo or Deval Patrick but I think neither are likely.

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He's now starting to fire/dismiss people in the government for not obeying his commands. The Attorney General is no more for defying the muslim ban


Where were you when America got a Banana Republic tyrant as president. 

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