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France 2019 FIFA Women's World Cup


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Official Slogan and Emblem of FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019 launched today
(FIFA.com) 19 Sep 2017


The Musee de l’Homme, located on Paris’ famous Place du Trocadero, hosted the launch of the Official Emblem and Slogan of the FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019™ today. FIFA President Gianni Infantino and French Football Federation (FFF) and Local Organising Committee (LOC) President Noel le Graet were joined by the current French women’s national football squad at the official unveiling event.

France is often considered as being synonymous with history and style, elements echoed in the emblem which features the competition trophy wrapped in historic marinière stripes, worn by French sailors in the past and the fashion conscious today. At the top of the trophy is a stylised football surrounded by eight decorative shards of light to symbolise the eighth edition of the FIFA Women’s World Cup.

Light, and the idea of illumination are themes key to identity of the tournament and are captured with the official slogan, DARE TO SHINE™. The phrase reflects the changing nature of football and the evolution of the women’s competition, which will have its time to shine all over France in 2019.

Speaking at the launch event the FIFA President said: “Women’s football has entered a bright new era and we are very much looking forward to seeing a sensational FIFA Women’s World Cup take place in France in 2019. The Official Slogan and Official Emblem of the competition are a perfect mix of history, style and innovation, which France is famous for, and I am certain that the commitment and dedication of the LOC and host cities around the country will make this tournament unique.”

The FFF President added: “In less than two years’ time, France will, for the first time in its history, host the FIFA Women’s World Cup. We are proud and honoured to be doing so, as it reflects our firm commitment to nurture women’s football and its development, a goal that the French Football Association has been pursuing through the National Plan for the Promotion of Women’s Football, which it launched six years ago.

"This, the eighth FIFA Women’s World Cup, will be a landmark occasion. Its success as a sporting event that captures the public imagination hinges on support from a number of stakeholders: our cities, regions, leagues, districts, amateur clubs and professional clubs and the people of France. The next FIFA Women’s World Cup will provide a springboard for France’s women’s team. Our Bleues must Dare to Shine, which I am sure they will. Make no mistake; we will be doing all we can.”

The FIFA Women’s World Cup will set the stage for the world’s best players to compete in world-class venues across France in Grenoble, Le Havre, Lyon, Montpellier, Nice, Paris, Reims, Rennes and Valenciennes. The competition will take place from 7 June to 7 July 2019.

· Opening match at Paris, 7 June

· Round of 16 matches 22-25 June

· Quarter final matches 27-29 June

· Semi-final matches Lyon, 2-3 July

· Match for the 3rd and 4th places, 6 July

· Final match Lyon, 7 July




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I too feel underwhelmed with this artistic direction. Event logos aren't just the stylized dressed up trophies; it's also about the whole design that reflects the cities/nations with it. Maybe that's whole purpose: focus on the trophy "with some ornamentation" that's national as the logo to build better global recognition. What about making event logo distinctions among the trophies in FIFA's case like it used to do?

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It's time for qualifying!


Host slot: France

All 5 AFC spots have been taken: China, Thailand, Japan, Australia and South Korea. 

The 2 CONMEBOL spots are also taken: Brasil and Chile (Chile's debut)

3/8 UEFA slots are taken: Spain, England, Italy

11 slots have been taken of the 24 available. 


That means we still need to wait for the 5 remaining UEFA slots, three CAF slots, three CONCACAF slots, one OFC slot, and the one CONCACAF/CONMEBOL playoff slot, leaving us with the remaining 13 slots. Who do you all think will take these spots?

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Norway, Germany, and Sweden maintain their perfect Finals participation, Scotland will make their debut. The Netherlands (the Euro 2017 champs), Denmark, Belgium, and Switzerland will contest the playoffs for the final spot, with the draw to determine the matchups taking place on Friday.

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The USA and Canada finished 1-2, respectively, as expected in the CONCACAF Women's tournament after the US wins 2-0. But it's Jamaica's Reggae Girlz that grab the third and final automatic CONCACAF entry into France and will make its WWC debut and also for the Caribbean nations in it beating Panama 4-2 on pks following a 2-2 tie. The Reggae Boyz memorably over 20 years ago qualified in their first and only World Cup that was held in France, so now they got some company. But I'm thinking they're going to be seriously outclassed with tougher and more experienced teams; Khadija Shaw, leading qualification round overall with 19 goals, can't score alone and needs help

Panama will face Argentina in that CONCACAF-CONMEBOL home and home series November 5-13. 2017 Euro Women's champs The Netherlands will take on Switzerland for the final UEFA spot November 9-13. Wish neither had to do this since both made their Women's World Cup debuts in Canada. Janice Cayman's 10 goals weren't enough for Belgium

New Zealand's Football Ferns surely will win the OFC tournament in November-December. That program has endured some upheaval lately over alleged abuse of power from its Austrian-born coach on his players. Africa starts soon in that month--like to see South Africa's Bayana Bayana make it, should have a great shot with Nigeria and maybe Cameroon with Equatorial Guinea banned from qualifying to the big show again. Could Ghana recapture its past African women's soccer glory. Zimbabwe failed to make the final group stage

Shocked that Mexico, Costa Rica, and Colombia all failed to qualify. Iceland is probrably a tournament away. What happened to Austria after their Euro 2017 success? The Colombians are just now entering their prime...

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Argentina takes a commanding 4-0 win against Panama in the first leg of the CONCACAF-CONMEBOL repecharge yesterday in the Sarandi stadium named after the late powerful AFA President Julio Humberto Grondona. One step closer to France for them. Those four Argentina goals were scored by Eliana Stabile (second one a penalty kick), Larroquette, and Yamila Rodríguez. Panama ended up playing with two players sent off, starting with Lineth Cedeno, that did them in because of their inexperience and immaturity; I knew they weren't as talented in comparison to Argentina. Tempers flared following the second red card that Katherine Castillo got for kicking the back of Rodriguez's thigh, although the first one seems a little phantom to me with despite the tackle. Sarandi is in the southern part of the Greater Buenos Aires Area, BTW. 

Needless to say, the Panama's women challenges for qualification to France just got a whole lot more insurmountable upon the second leg in Panama City coming up in the days ahead. Yes, stranger things have happened, but how is Panama going to come back from this apparent demoralization, at least psychologically? Argentina's surely got this locked up and are, fans included, celebrating like they are going...



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Netherlands goes up on Switzerland 3-0 in Utrecht Friday night with Vivianne Miedema, Sherida Spitse, and Lieke Martens all scoring for the Oranje Leeuwinnen on the Swiss Nati in the Euro qualification playoff final. Scene now shifts to LIPO Park tomorrow night in Schaffhausen, Switzerland



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Only two more nations needed from Africa and Oceania to complete the field for next year in France. Four nations earlier since done so. 

Let's start with the African qualifiers in Ghana. Yesterday, history beckoned for South Africa to qualify for the first time in the WWC. And Banyana Banyana happily answered the call with a 2-0 semifinal win over Mali in Cape Coast. Like with the Bafana Bafana men, South Africa will make its WWC debut in France. Recent African women's qualifiers to the Women's World Cup Nigeria earlier yesterday got its own ticket punched knocking off Cameroon 4-2 in penalty kicks following a scoreless draw. South Africa and Nigeria will head to the final in Accra on Saturday with Cameroon and Mali vying for the third and final Africa spot--my take will be Cameroon.

Those repecharge tournaments I talked about last time? They pretty much decided who were going to France next year in the first games with the wide margins; no matter what their opponents did in the second leg, not even a tie, were going to be enough save for a flurry of goals. As a major lead is important psychologically in the first game. EURO 2017 Women's champions The Netherlands goes on aggregate 4-1 over Switzerland following a 1-1 draw in Schaffhausen, Switzerland. Celebrated qualification with making its own hashtags in a group photo: #WK2019 and #Onze Jacht. Too bad the Swiss won't build upon their debut WWC appearance in Canada; they were just as capable in qualifying and could do something. That's the Euro qualifying draw.

Then came another meaningless 1-1 tie in Panama City that didn't do any good for Panama as Argentina advances to France themselves for its third WWC trip. Being in that stadium the men were in at home couldn't quite inspire the same magic the men enjoyed last year at this time.

Surely New Zealand's Football Ferns will whip Fiji to rep Oceania in France Saturday after being head and shoulders over the rest of the Oceanian competition with 35 goals to its name--and shutting opponents out along the way--in Noumea, New Calendonia.     

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With this being the second WWC with 24 teams, I was expecting virtually the same field of teams that we had in 2015 (I wasn't expecting 4 teams from CONCACAF since they didn't have the extra spot given to the host. We will have between 16-18 teams returning, but four first-timers (Chile, Scotland, Jamaica, and South Africa) certainly exceeded my expectations (even more so should Mali beat Cameroon).

For the record, the draw is a week from Saturday (8 December) at 1800 local time.

Bring it on, the WWC is a beacon of refreshment in the increasingly crass world of sport. It can't get here soon enough.

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Needs some good news for Cameroon and the Indomitable Lionesses because just hours ago Cameroon was stripped of hosting June's 2019 African Nations Cup by CAF because of serious delays in construction and preparations. It would've been the first time hosting since 1972. Cameroon wins 4-2 over Mali

Field's complete: New Zealand preserves their scoreless sheet and whips Fiji 8-0 to win the OFC title as the 24th and last team in. Not to mention also qualifies for Tokyo 2020.

Should we do the women's version of Wish You Were Here list? Some teams not qualifying were more shocking than others.






Costa Rica













Czech Republic



Northern Ireland


Papua New Guinea



Trinidad & Tobago








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Draw just finished up in Paris and these are the groups:


Group A (Games in Paris, Reims, Rennes, Grenoble, and Nice):


South Korea




Group B (Games in Le Havre, Rennes, Valenciennes, Paris, and Montpellier):




South Africa


Croup C (Games in Valenciennes, Grenoble, Montpellier, and Reims):






Group D (Games in Nice, Paris, Rennes, and Le Havre):






Group E (Games in Montpellier, Le Havre, Valenciennes, Grenoble and Reims):



New Zealand 



Group F (Games in Le Havre, Paris, Rennes, Reims, and Nice):

United States





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