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IOC President Bach Says Paris 2024 is “Strong Candidate” for Olympic Games

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International Olympic Committee (IOC) President Thomas Bach said Sunday the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games bid is a strong candidate as he met with French President François Hollande ending a two-day visit to the capital. Bach’s visit to the city seeking to host the Games for the third time finished after he attended a football […]

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Here's Bach a year ago...


“We are welcoming five outstanding and highly qualified Candidate Cities,” said IOC President Thomas Bach. “Olympic Agenda 2020 has shaped the Candidature Process more as an invitation and the cities have responded by engaging with the IOC through dialogue and cooperation. In the new invitation process the IOC learnt that all the candidates are embracing Olympic Agenda 2020 from their respective vision for the future of their city. Sustainability and legacy are the cornerstones of each candidature.”

PS - "learnt"? Is that some sort of weird British thing... when are you people going to learn proper English!

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He would say the same thing about Havana Cuba, Mogadishu Somalia, and Pyongyang North Korea after visiting them if they were in the running to host. It's part of what he does, to make positive remarks about all bids but at the same time staying neutral in who he prefers to host.

Either way he's not wrong, Paris is a strong candidate and out of the other 2-3 still in the race only LA has the chance of beating it.

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^Oh geez, seriously?! :rolleyes: First of all, Havana, Mogadishu & North Korea would NEVER be in the running in the first place (just like they told Baku-koo 2024 to get lost right from the get-go). And second, likening Paris (of all beautiful places) to those three totally subpar locales is a complete & utter farce! I think you're letting your dislike for the French (for whatever personal reason - did some French guy reject you in the past or something) really cloud your judgement. 

I'm sure if/when Bach makes that same type of declaration about L.A., Truff (& co) would be the first one to jump on it & say - "just look at what Bach has said about ('sunshine & rainbows') L.A.??" So yeah, keep up with the totally disingenuous (to say the least) rhetoric. You're starting to sound a lot like him/her/it these days. 

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