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Rio 2016 Paralympic Closing Ceremony Live Chat

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Sorry for the delay, but my phone, again, f%@$ me during the final part of the event (I hate android).  Rushed home because of the rain, since was first time during this period I was caught without a

When will you ever get a brain? And a keyboard typing learner's permit?

Conor- he now seems to be suggesting you should donate him your brain. It's a good idea in some respects, but on balance I can't recommend that you go ahead with it.

I guess a truly historic moment approaches - the very final moment of Brazil's three years in the focus of the sports world, with the 2013 Confed Cup, the 2014 World Cup and now the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Troublesome, but I hope also amazing years for the country!

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1 minute ago, Olympian2004 said:

I'm slightly late for the party - I fell asleep on my couch and only awoke to Philip Craven's speech :D But this music concert part of the ceremony really looks a bit as if they ran out of ceremony budget. Or am I wrong?

The principles of this ceremony are the same as the Olympic opening; lots of projection disguising a smallish cast. It's just that the projection is on a conventional screen this time, rather than on the floor.

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