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12 minutes ago, Ikarus360 said:

The bridge idea is neat, but the logo itself is dull, you can tell they pretty much recycled the France 2016 logo (is this the same studio), added some inflatable tube men and called it a day.

All UEFA 'Euro' logos will follow the France 2016 template from now on. The trophy in the centre with what's in the circle behind it changing depending on the host. That's UEFA's new template for these tournament logos. So it's not so much "recycling" as sticking to the template. The 2016 version was much better though.

And yes, I think it probably is the same design agency. UEFA is very consistent with its design language across its tournaments. I wouldn't be surprised actually if they do it in-house. Everything they come out with is slick, if not always terribly exciting.

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A few flames on the Rome bridge would be appropriate given how they've burned a few bridges this week.

Glasgow host city logo has been unveiled.

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2 hours ago, yoshi said:

That's why they picked Glasgow over Cardiff - Glasgow actually has a recognisable bridge :lol:

Weirdly though, depending on the angle of the photo, I often get Glasgow with its new bridge and Armadillo muddled up with Gateshead with its new bridge and Sage arts centre. A recognisable bridge but easily mistaken. Or maybe that's just me.

Anyway, Sir Alex at the launch:


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On 22.9.2016 at 11:21 PM, StefanMUC said:

Uhm, actually also Munich...we've got some nice bridges here, but none of them really is famous enough to feature in that logo...

And here we have it...


I lived near that bridge for five years and wouldn't have recognised it. Before they went for the bridges theme, they should have thought if it fits the chosen host cities - or would any of you see the pic and immediately associate it with Munich? 

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^No, but then I didn't even know Munich had a river, & to be honest, the only landmarks I'd recognise are the Olympic Park & the Arena itself - I don't know much about the place. The bridge has a great name though :P How many cities are left now?

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