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Olympics cauldron


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Tried to make a recopilation of Winter cauldrons as they look today. Before Cortina, I wasn't able to find where the Oslo, St. Moritz or Garmisch cauldrons are today (i suposse the later was lost during the war)

Cortina - Apparently, it still exists, but this is the only pic I could find of it. Seems they lit the old cauldron again when they celebrated the 50th Anniversary of the games back then when the Torino 2006 torch relay was happening. 


Squaw Valley - At its original location


Innsbruck - Still at Bergisel, with a third cauldron added for the 2012 Winter YOG


Grenoble - Seems like the original bowl which used to be at the top of the scaffold back in 1968 is now located at the Olympic Park as a monument, which is sometimes lit for special ocassions


Sapporo - It is located on its original location at Makonakai Park which is still regulary used, mostly as a Tenis courtyard during summer


Lake Placid - Like one of you pointed, it was recovered and now stands at the Olympic park


Sarajevo - Still standing today at the former Olympic Stadium (today called Stadio Kosevo)


Calgary - No idea where the stadium cauldron is today, but the Calgary Tower cauldron still exists and its regulary lit during Olympics editions


Albertville - In front of the former Olympic Hall


Lillehammer - Still in Lysgardbakkene


Nagano - In front of the former Olympic Stadium which was turned into a Baseball one afterwards.


Salt Lake City - Still at Rice Eccles Stadium but moved to another position.


Torino - Still standing at its original location at the Stadio Olimpico




Sochi - Still part of the Olympic Park (pic is shortly before the start of the 2017 Confederations Cup)


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Tried to make a recopilation of Winter cauldrons as they look today. Before Cortina, I wasn't able to find where the Oslo, St. Moritz or Garmisch cauldrons are today (i suposse the later was lost during the war)

Jose, nice pics.  Per my article, St. Moritz is missing in action.  Garmisch, they found the inner vessel.  Oslo's was found and is inside in the Norwegian Olympic Museum in Lillehammer. 

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A few people in this thread were wondering about Calgary's cauldron(s). The opening/closing ceremony one is still at the north end of McMahon Stadium They just moved it to the east by a few meters. Some of the smaller venue cauldrons are still out there. Canmore Nordic Centre, Olympic Oval, and Canada Olympic Park still have theirs. I don't know what happened to Nakiska's. I'm pretty sure there was one there but there is no cauldron there now, which is too bad. And of course the cauldron on top of the Calgary Tower, which they actually lit for the opening of Tokyo 2020. They usually light it when we win a gold medal for either the winter or summer games, but this year they're just doing LED light shows. Not sure if it's due to the poor air quality (forest fire smoke coming from BC) or since the tower was closed for a good chunk of the pandemic, maybe funds weren't available.

Just a note if you want to go to the Canmore Nordic Centre or Nakiska, since they are in Kananaskis Country, you have to pay now. Our idiotic provincial government imposed a fee in April. $15 for a day or $90 for a year. Pisses me off as I now have to add an extra $90 to my ski pass for Nakiska. Oh, and camping on Crown land? $30 annual fee! Hopefully the UCP are gone in 2023 and the fees are removed.

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On 3/4/2018 at 4:17 AM, paul said:

Its way more impressive w the podium it was designed to sit on. The elegant taper then flair, and the strong vertical rhythm clad in chrome plates was a perfect compliment to the bowl. Most symmetrical "bowl/podium" cauldrons before it were unimpressive due to either size, material, proportion, or just awkward design. The 2000 bowl w it's intended podium is a complete design that proved the classic bowl/podium has enduring relevance and potential.

Eliminating and destroying the integral podium component of the design after the games would be unimaginable if it didn't actually happen. Discarding the podium is like what Moscow did, but it's nonthreatening Australia so like everything they get a pass.




....the awkward less powerful result. a mediocre end to a memorable and innovative cauldron.





Agree that the loss of the Sydney cauldron's plyon is a travesty. Its effectively a different sculpture now sitting on those silly pick up sticks. 

It went from something quite majestic and classic to looking childish and meek. I wish it were somehow incorporated into ANZ Stadium's design a la Barcelona or Munich. 


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The 1956 cauldron now sits proudly within the National Sports Museum in Melbourne. I visited for the first time a few years ago and I was surprised at how big and imposing it is in person. In some ways too I've always felt like Sydney's cauldron was a very subtle nod to it? They both have that flying saucer/space age vibe. 



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