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Thank You GamesBids!

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Well, while I'm just waiting for the final act, I wanna give one last shout out - to all of you here at GamesBids.

I've watched seven games now (every one since Athens) in the partnership of my friends I've made here on the site. It wouldn't be a true games now I wasn't sharing jokes, comments and getting into scraps with the people here. You've truly become a vital part of the games experience to me.

I know I've been a lot less active in recent times on the board, but it was great to get back with the "gang" to celebrate another festival of sport and festivities together. Just like old times! Hope we get to continue the ride together in PyeongChang and Tokyo.

Thanks guys! Peace out.

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Thanks Rols... After my own hiatus, i decided to come back for the Rio games and also my 10th year on the site.

Although not as busy and exciting as it has been here as in previous games, it has been nice to read and chat with you guys again during an Olympiad

2018 def will be a good sporting year with Winters, Commies and World Cup - although hope we can continue until then...

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