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Rio 2016 Closing Ceremony Live Chat

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A pretty decent closing ceremony, far superior to Beijing's which was awful. I'd still put London and Athens a head for my personal taste, but a great job. I was expecting to be disappointed and I was

Honestly, after seeing what happens in European stadiums, with all the racist chanting and the hooligans in the streets (do you remember UEFA Euro?) I'd say the Brazilian crowd behaviour has been quit

I would love to see his papers flying away with the wind.

Just now, jiejie said:

"...Call upon the youth of the world...."

Isn't that an outdated notion in 2016, when you've got medalists in their 30's, 40's and even 50's?

We have a say in French: there are also flying fish, but they are not the majority of the fish.

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Just now, Dylanlip said:

"Marvelous Games" HE COULDN'T DO IT! HE COULDN"T CALL THEM THE BEST EVER! We're on Atlanta level now guys.

Since Samaranch is out of office, no IOC president has ever used the term "best Games ever" again. It was a Samaranch trademark. So calm down ;)

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