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Rio 2016 Closing Ceremony Live Chat

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4 minutes ago, Olympian2004 said:

My God, why does Nuzman always give his speeches with those shabby papers in his hand? It only over-accentuates his shaking. Who is the media advisor of that guy?

Unofficially we've hearing Nuzman has Parkinson's disease.

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Just now, yoshi said:

With the youthfulness of the handover, the old Tokyo logo would've looked even weirder. I'm sure I remember in the Tokyo logo comp on here there was an entry that looked like a multi-coloured graffiti splodge, that would've worked perfectly tonight. 

That was woohoo's. My favourite. SEE - I told you all so.

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11 minutes ago, Tatsh said:

Wonderful the handover, the jazz music was MARVELOUS (I'd like to download it), and the ending with the finish tune of Mario. 

Can't wait to Tokyo 2020

I think the jazz was Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra (one of my favorite groups). Japan is also known for loving Ska music so not surprised by this choice.

This was 1000x better than the forgettable handover of Nagano '98. I hope the 2020 ceremonies make up for the bore which was 1998 (though I read they made them boring/extremly solemn on purpose, plus Japan was also undergoing their own version of the Brazil crisis, with the economic bubble bursting up)

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Once the speeches started, I wound the stream back to the handover and Tokyo segment.   Speeches still going on.   Guess I'll hit rewind and replay again....  Buzz me when somebody grabs the Big Hook and pulls Bach off the stage.  

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And of course, Bach is talking about ALL the other subjects: The Games, Rio as a city, the refugee team...

Oh, and now he even awards the Olympic Cup to the people of Rio? Oh, come on...  You know that I love the people of Brazil and Rio, but quite a few of them not really showed the best side of Olympic audiences during these Games...

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