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Rio 2016 Closing Ceremony Live Chat

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1 minute ago, JMarkSnow2012 said:

NBC has everything blocked in the USA, unless you have a really really good VPN provider.

I'm watching the NBC livestream on my laptop, sans VPN.   It's not blocked where I am (southern USA) using ATT U-verse.  But to access it, you do have to have a subscription to some sort of cable or internet provider where NBC is in the package.  There's a one-time authentication, so if you have no provider, you're out of luck.  

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Only because he banned Russia from all IAAF competition (together with his IAAF colleagues, that is), Seb Coe is not already my dream IOC president. One shouldn't forget that he was very chummy with that corrupt bastard Lamine Diack.

But I digress... First of all, hi guys! I fell asleep on my couch and now I'm pretty late for the party and I missed most of the artistic section. Good that it's 2016 and they invented such things like the "ZDF Mediathek" where they provide the videos of all major broadcasts. :D

Now let's see our nice new IOC members: Britta Heidemann and then ... that homophobic slut from Russia.

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