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Rio 2016 soundtrack

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11 minutes ago, munichfan said:

Unfortunately, I think it was never published. It's a real shame given Rio featured some amazing musical pieces in their opening.

They definitely had some of the best music ever for a ceremony!

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A kind YouTuber compiled some of the original music (below). It's not perfect, but it's the best way to hear it without any commentary.

I'm in agreement the score is one of the best. What's interesting to me, the Olympics are so overwhelmingly maximalist and romantic, but the creative team here couldn't communicate that because a) Brazil was explicitly in crisis, b) the world was growing more anxious, c) the ceremony budget was getting slashed.

Especially when you have a country with such a musical heritage like Brazil, I can't imagine the pressure the composers faced. Yet they managed to nail the right tone for that moment: more tempered, and down-to-earth, but through that: a striking originality, modesty, and sweetness. To me, the score is like the perfect musical expression of finding good in such an anxious year that 2016 was. 

One can only guess why the score was never released. It is a huge shame, but I suspect rights issues might be a reason, and/or the organizing committee being disbanded. I would encourage reaching out to the composers through their social media page or website if you can and inquiring. At least let them know how much you enjoyed it and appreciate their efforts. Never hurts to express gratitude.


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