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What are your Opinions on Kosovo and South Sudan Debut

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A bit of info on both Olympic teams. Kosovo has 8 Olympic athletes. The events Kosovo is participating in are Athletics, Judo, Swimming, Cycling Road, and Shooting. Their 8 athletes are Guri Qendrim, he's participating in Cycling Road, Gjakova Nora, she's participating in Judo, Kelmendi Majlinda she's also in Judo, Harjdari Musa, he's doing Athletics, Kryeziu Vijona, she's also in Athletics, Rama Urata, she's participating in Shooting, Ziqiri Rita, she's Participating in Swimming, and Zhaveli Lum, he's also participating in Swimming.

Now we are on to South Sudan. The newest country and the newest member of the Olympic Committee, South Sudan is debuting with 3 athletes who are all in Athletics. Margret Hassan , Santino Kenyi, Guor Marial.

Just curious to know what's your opinion on Kosovo and South Sudan. Mine is that i like both "countries" and that i hope they get Medals. Now i think that's a long shot though.

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The historic moment when Kosovo marched into Maracana Stadium during the Opening Ceremony led by its eventual gold medalist judoka flagbearer Majlinda Kelmendi. Taken from Serbia's RTS

Kosovo Olympic Committee's 1:18 video promoting its Olympic debut of the 8-person Team Kosovo with support from the Kosovar government. Showing in order of appearance swimmers Rita Zaqiri and Lum Zhaveli, shooter Urata Rama, runner Musa Hajdari, sprinter Viijona Kryeziu, cyclist Qendrim Guri, and judokas Nora Gjokova and the nation's shining sports star Kelmendi. This easily would act as a pre-starting lineup video for any North American sports team:  


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