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Fcuk Cosport and the USOC!!!

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I'm so looking forward to going to the CoSport pickup when I get there on Wednesday.  Maybe it'll match my fun experience in London, when I had to stage a sit-down strike to get the tennis tickets I had ordered and paid for. 

CoSport just makes you want to yell at people.  Especially if their name is Larry, Scott, or Sead.

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I went on 7th August they had a line for people with tickets for sessions that day or who had lined up on previous days. Wait was about 15 min so not to bad. 

I think cosports could make it easier in Tokyo by using e tickets or reducing cost of postage. Au$47 for a small paper envelop is extremely overpriced and clearly an attempt to make more money.

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Pretty much.  They've found ways around the 20% mark up rule so I wouldn't put it past them.

Surcharge for seats together!

Surcharge for the 'souvenir ticket'!

Extra $10 for delivery a week early!

$50 express pick up location!

$30 for a spectator guide (where available)!

Compulsary $45 lanyard and ticket sleeve!

Lots and lots of ways to make those extra $$$!

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