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Sydney is one of my all time favorite. Both the music (how the aboriginal instruments fade onto electronic ones then the orchestra kicks out) and the use of Australian landscape/landmarks for each sport.

Athens was very basic, though the use of ancient greek art as a parallel to each sport event was nice. 

Torino has to be one of my all time favorites. The music, the depiction of Italian landmarks as they finally reach the city of Torino was pretty nice.

I initially didn't thought Beijing intro was anything special but it started to grow up on me.

Vancouver had a nice intro though I didn't liked they forced each host to use the same logo after the creation of OBS. Kinda preferred more when each host had their own symbols. 

London intro was very minimalist and fluid, really liked the use of graphics on this one. 

I felt Sochi intro was all over the place though the Kaleidoscope effect wasn't bad

Rio 2016 intro is colorful and vibrant just as what you would expect from Brazil. There have been criticism by some brazilians saying it sounds a lot like Salsa music but maybe since i'm hispanic myself i don't mind much. :P 

I'm surprised no one has posted Lillehammer intro yet. While very old, it was pretty good for its time.


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Agree about Torino - that is by far the best OBS intro.  Also love the CBC reworking of their Olympic theme for those games too.

I hate though how OBS take priority on the end card - wasn't so bad when they had a nice logo but this year it's just the Olympic rings and "OBS" in big letters - would be much better if the games logo took prominence, though I do think countries who use the OBS titles can edit the ending of them.

As for the BBC the Rio 2016 titles are probably now my favourites, though as a theme tune nothing will ever beat Barcelona.

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