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I'm posting this with a day of delay since yesterday was a fun busy day. But don't expect many things from me just because I'm in home. I just have this week free since I decided to take my vacations in october for my trip to Germany.

To go to Olympic Stadium was very easy and fast. If you are in Copacabana region you can take the metro to the city centre direction and leave at the Central Station to take the train there to Estádio Olímpico. Or, if you have the olympic card you can do as me. Leave the hotel early. Take off at the Uruguaiana Station. Leave the station to the Presidente Vargas street and turn to right. You will see the church. Behind that church there is a new square where the cauldron will be!



The place near the cauldron was closed but I walked until the end of the fence and found a open part of the new square




Some caravelas




Now, finaly at the other side of the church. I saw a big baloon very high in the sky but when I reached the place It was in the ground. The guys said was just a test and is not open for public yet. The view of the city from this baloon will be amazing.




And the cauldron. They removed that fence with the Rio 2016 look. But there is a white thing that hides "something"




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Time to come back to the Presidente Vargas avenue and walk to the central station (the direction opposite the church). If you are too lazy to walk a kilometre so go back to the Uruguaiana to take the metro, but keep in mind that you must wait 30 minutes between each trip to use the olympic card. You can see some people inserting their cards in the slot near the gates. Don't do this. Hold it in the marked position until the light turns to green and save it with you.


If you like to walk like me, it's easy to locate the central station. It's near this big building, the Duque de Caxias Palace.




The central station have a big clock at the top. You can't miss.



From here all trains goes to one direction, but only 3 lines goes to olympic stadium. They are Japeri, Santa Cruz and Deodoro. The right platforms have colored flags and signs of Rio 2016, you can't be so stupid to take the wrong train.

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So we reached the olympic stadium, but don't enter yet! Ticket holders can do a free visit to the olympic museum that is next to the stadium. It's a red building. The entrance is very discreet. From outside you have no idea of how this little museum can be so cool from inside.

Your can take a picture and will be displayed at the entrance


This VR is a nice flight over the Olympic Park and other Rio venues! I think it's the same the athletes have at the village.



A little challenge



Look who is there!






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I managed to record the big moment!




This woman is american. She said that Rio is her sixth olympics! I am not so sure but I think I saw her on TV in some past olympics.



This was a great day. Now the ceremony. My plan is try to watch near the city's cauldron. Or maybe I will stay at home and follow the live chat here.

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12 minutes ago, Bezzi said:
This was a great day. Now the ceremony. My plan is try to watch near the city's cauldron. Or maybe I will stay at home and follow the live chat here.

As much as we' drove you to join the chat, I'd say watch it with a crowd and drink in the atmosphere. You could always post from your phone an impression or two.

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