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I had in my head that it started 2am BST. Don't know why I thought that. OK, it's a date then. May fall asleep during it, but hopefully not because of it.

*****semi spoiler**** Hazel Irvine on BBC saying themes will be looking after the environment, making the most of what you've got and looking after the earth's resources, and Brazilian music

2 minutes ago, Rob. said:

Reports on Twitter Nigeria have left their ceremony outfits in.....Nigeria.


Well, that's about par for the course for Nigeria these Olympics. Look at the nightmare they had even getting to Brazil. But they still had the best football match of the Games so far.

Only criticism I have so far is how stark the staging looks. Granted, I've been spoiled by past Games, especially London, in terms of staging, which may explain it. That and the stadium needs to be converted back to a football pitch posthaste.

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6 minutes ago, Tatsh said:

Ceremony outfits even in gamesbids members... Nice idea. 

So I'm guessing the Nigerian Olympic Committee is responsible for the uniforms and doesn't issue them to the athletes until the Opening ceremony? Is this how the rest of the countries do it with their ceremony outfits or do they give them to the athletes way before they even leave for the host city?

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Just now, Mauricio said:

Some issues at the entrance of Maracanã. It seems a gate has been closed and people can't  come in.



That will make for angry scenes if the audience cant get in

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3 minutes ago, Bezzi said:

Brazilians and our bad habit to go late to the stadium. <_<

Yeah, lots of empty seats by the looks of it....guessing they're sold and people are just outside.

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