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Very sad Pele pulled out though as the person who lit the cauldron is somewhat of a nobody to most people (to me anyway, i'm probably just unaware but they said bronze medalist?). Should've gotten an athlete who is a sure thing for gold, to make it memorable like Cathy Freeman. Or Guga to do the last part, he was a number 1 in tennis

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Overall, a very good ceremony, though not without its couple of cons. Brazil did an amazing work with such a tight budget. Today they proved you can still pull out a memorable spectacle without so much opulence.

Thanks for everything, guys. Now lets enjoy these 16 days of competition, and good luck to all countries on these games :) 

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There was a couple of very good parts. Also some very bad parts. The cauldron is interesting. I love the kinetic sculpture but it just looks awkward.

Worst ceremony since Atlanta 1996. But in saying that I initially hated Athens 2004, but now think it was one of the most brilliant. 

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