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4 hours ago, panamfan said:

Hi!  I'm all excited about watching the opening ceremony tonight on NBC.  And I can't help but think of a certain song that I think captures the excitement of the moment:

"Overture, Curtain, Lights!

This is It - The Night of Nights!

No More Rehearsing or Nursing a Part!

We Know Every Part By Heart!

Overture! Curtain! Lights!

This is It - We'll Hit the Heights!

And, Oh What Heights We'll Hit!

On With The Show This Is It!"

-The Bugs Bunny Overture (1961)

Enjoy the Opening Ceremony everyone!

AHH, the memories of saturday morning cartoons!!

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10 minutes ago, plusbrilliantsexploits said:

It's gonna be pretty late in Western Europe: In Germany, the broadcast of the Opening Ceremony is scheduled to start at 23:40 and go all the way to 05:00. That's pretty hardcore, but then again, some revellers coming home from parties or just being sports enthusiasts may very well be curious to take a peek.

Broadcasters on Central European Time seem to be doing that a lot- starting their introductions late today, and just slogging through to the 1am start. Maybe not so much those on East European time though- they seem more inclined to write it off, and start as close as decent to 2am.

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I indeed got it wrong. It will be starting at 1 am, not 11pm. It's a bit frustrating. It better be good, cause after a hard week of work, I don't feel like staying up all night.
When I see that some of the swimming finals are held at 4 am...

Since Tokyo 2020 will be pretty much the same... The continental rotation suddenly makes so much sense! 2024 HAS to go to Europe!

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Can't believe we're finally here again at the start of another Olympics! :)

Let's hope all the problems and doubts will soon be cast aside once the Opening Ceremony gets underway.


Here's to Rio 2016 and a truly great experience for athletes, spectators and, not least, for Brazilians everywhere!!! :D



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Hey Guys :)

If this is really the cauldron (what I imagine, or not ?! ^^), I am wondering in which way they will have the fire and Gaslines in the Structure. As you can see, there is no space for a ''flame'' and I can't see anything that looks like little holes in it for the Gas come out and lit.

Very suspect in my mind :blink:

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