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2 minutes ago, LatinXTC said:

LMAO BBC trying to call out John Kerry for not paying attention but he was getting his camera ready. What british twats lol

Well look at the yanks freeloading off our licence fee!

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This will probably the last time we see this Fiji flag waving in an Olympic ceremony, since the country will now change their flag very soon as part of the revisionists-anti british decisions by the current leader of the country. 

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1 minute ago, TorchbearerSydney said:

Fantastic so far, so glad someone finally stopped burning money and did a show on a budget. The cultural celebration (successfully) went from the primordial swamp to hip-hop in 45 minutes!!!

Agree! I think they captured the Latin, joyful vibe perfectly. And didn't look to be trying too hard to outdo and outspend  anything before while achieving it.

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