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So those monoliths are where the athletes are putting the seeds they have been given to form the olympic rings later on?

That is a very innovating and cool idea, to be honest. I just hope the rings actually look good and not messy like on the first rehearsal. 

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1 minute ago, Faster said:

Probably the weakest artistic segment since Atlanta 1996. But my opinion might be marred by the constant interruptions from commercials. 

Totally unfair for any of us watching CBC's coverage to make an accurate assessment of the ceremony. What complete garbage presented to us by the national broadcaster.

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Somehow irreverent to the ceremony conservatives like me, but strangely, pleasantly understated and beautiful. Projections are here to stay and they are a love hate for me. As mentioned quite short before parade, but probably more to come.

The environmental aspect is nice, esp the tree for each nation.

I moss the formal elements around rings, fanfare and anthem, it seems the stage, projection and lighting scheme share a lot with D Atkins Vancouver Ceremony, and that's not a bad thing.


I've missed you all. I am apprehensive about kinetic cauldrons.


Enjoy the rest of the show :)

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4 minutes ago, kevzz said:

I can see the parade somehow resembles Rio carnival vibe with the straight procession as if the carnival down the street. Like it. 

Yeah, clever and lively. Getting a good vibe from this parade for once. As you say, they managed to invoke Carneval and put a stamp on the parade.

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