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1 minute ago, JMarkSnow2012 said:

This is getting quite freaky now. I'm watching and listening to the BBC "no commentary" version on projection, but I 've also got a television tuned to the standard BBC version, muted, with subtitles switched on- and the subtitles are going absolutely crazy during the Parade.

Also, yes, I've drunk quite a lot of South American wine (Chilean rather than  Brazilian- nobody's perfect).


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2 minutes ago, ofan said:

Interesting ceremony so far. But it's only been 50 minutes. There must be some more artistic segments to come after the parade?

Also missing: a tribute to past Olympics in the countdown, and the Olympic rings.

A very bizarre, non-traditional, yet strangely highly entertaining ceremony thus far.

A lot of the recent ceremonies have lasted that time (40-45 minutes actually). The longest one was Beijing's I believe. 

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Ok now I get to watch it all over again!!! I was watching a BBC streaming of it on some obscure website! lol

But so far there were a lot of good segments in that OC, but overall it's a mess of a ceremony! Where are the rings? Where's the logo? Oh dear god it was all over the place!

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Good. Parade time, Time enough to comment now.

Very pleasantly surprised so far. I guess I'll leave more detailed thoughts for the postmortem, but briefly now, very simple but effective. IMO opinion, best use of music in an OC so far - they set the Latin beat just like I hoped they would. The musical numbers have been evocative and flowed oh so well

The FX and stage props - well as I said, simple but effective from the rain forest ribbons to the rising metropolis.

Not necessarily against the global warming segment, but reminded me too much of the UNICEF part from Glasgow. Just spoiled the rhythm a bit of what had gone before. That said - like they've brought back the beats for the parade of nations (which, I've gotta say, seems to be going quite briskly so far - an liking the tricycles and he vibe. One of the best parades for a while - though I'll probably get a bit bored very soon).

Oh wel, await the protocol parts... And the rings! Where are the rings?


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