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Rio 2016 Look of the Games

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Saw the Look for the first time in the football matches. They look really bland and indistinct. Just a faded blue strip with tiny tiny Rio 2016 on the top that you can't even see unless it's a closeup view.

Someone please tell me this is not the final look but just a test banner. I don't believe any designer or organiser in the sane mind will approve this. Nothing that shouts Olympic or Rio 2016 at all. At least have the word Rio 2016 in big font so TV audience can see. Otherwise just by flipping through channels nobody will know this is actually the Olympic Games!



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This look is coming off as expected......just a generic curvy pattern thrown together maybe on a cut budget. Perhaps the development budget was slashed after the original "blog" was created and they didnt have the funds and or time to elevate the original ideas and develop them specifically for venue and city applications. It's fine......some color added.

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I think it's a bit early to tell at this stage with just one sport. At the end of the day the logos all have to be in certain places along the length of tiers anyway, and the look or pattern that goes in between is repeated along the tier and around the venue. London's was the burst shard graphic around the Olympic Rings/Agitos with a hot spot of colour behind that faded to dark where the host city name was. Rio's is a crop of the blobby landscape graphic from which different elements of look are created.

From what I have seen so far though, whether it be time constraints or budget cuts that dressing the venues has been an issue. London had this right up to the start of the Games but Rio seems to have only dressed parts of the football stadiums that are on camera for events rather than the whole venue. This may be because of ceremony factors though and more will appear overnight and before the next event. We will see.

Gymnastics looks great with the all-green as a contrast to London's all-magenta and looking forward to seeing the orange of the beach volleyball. The colour will certainly pop and be memorable on TV and in photos.

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3 hours ago, The Tower Bridge Fox said:

Well the stunning landscape is the winning card for the look of Rio,

I would like to say it looks like London but that would be pushing it even for me.

This. Whenever the action moves out of the arenas and you get to see the landscape. In the road cycling, the rowing, golf and, now, sailing, THAT'S where yiu're getting a real sense of distinctiveness and something special about these games. It was always the glamour factor that sold the idea of hosting the games in Rio in the first place, and it's lived up to expectations and more in that regard.

that said, the decorative look is starting to grow on me as well. I'm watching the cycling as I type, for example, and I think the velodrome is coming off very nicely in its claddings. That's always going to be subjective and I wouldn't say all time best to my tastes, but it's far from a let down.

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