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I'd like to be very well prepared. So I like to ask if people can give some safety advices.

Like how to take your camera with you (not a big one), where to put your phone etc. I know I will be many times alone, also after competitions going back to my accommodation which is partly in Lapa, and I want to reduce the chance being robbed.

Probably it's not that unsafe as some people like to tell, but better safe than sorry.

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The care is the same as you should have in any big metropolis. Keep the phone in your pocket, don't hold it on your hand all the time if you are not using it. Try to make friends (many of us will be there, you don't need to stay alone) and have a beer with them in Lapa. Try to not get drunk and don't go too late to the hotel!

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I'm like you travelling alone and have swimming finishing at midnight. Put phone in your front pocket. Have a small amount of cash in a wallet in your pocket so that if you get robbed you just hand it over and don't lose your whole wallet. I'm also taking about 5 pre paid credit cards so if they take one I will have back up at mt accomodation.

I am also putting cash and credit card in a wallet and keeping it inside my pants on my hip so they won't even know it's there.

as for bags I'm hoping they just want a wallet for the cash. Not sure how I'm going to take my tickets as if they take your bag with tickets in it I'm not sure they can be replaced.

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This probably goes without saying, but only carry that day's tickets with you. I do a decent amount of travel, and am a big believer in carrying as little as possible, so if I do get robbed I don't lose much. Then I just use a basic amount of caution and don't worry about it.

the Olympics are the one place I can't avoid carrying valuables, just because of the tickets, but as I said, don't carry around the whole bunch of them.

As for a camera, I usually bring an inexpensive P&S rather than my phone. It means I can't be posting on Facebook in real time, but that's a trade off I'm willing to make to not be paranoid.

Again, this goes without saying and I hope it's not insulting, but if you do bring your phone, make sure to have recent backups. Losing the data on your phone is worse than losing the phone itself.

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