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Don't know what it is about pole vaulters, but I've always found them easy on the eye. Tonight no exception.


Headed by Brazil's gold medallist Theigo Braz Da Silva (I know I have a reputation here for my taste for Latins)


But he was in some sweet company.


Sam Kendricks, USA



Jan Kudlicka, Czech Republic



Piotr Lisek, Poland

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mike hixon, USA, diving. even though i'm married (to spanish swimmer marc sanchez torrens; married on a boat, lochte sent bespoke stemware, you weren't invited), i'm still allowed to look, right? oh, wait. actually, i'm not, according to marc. he's so protective! ok, marc just left the room to go bowflex or something so here's mike:


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yes, that worries me, too. i'll be really worried if you thought anything of tory nyhaug, BMX from, hm, CAN.
there's no commentary on the feed, so in between men's and women's runs they were letting us eavesdrop as he was chatting amiably with nicholas long, USA, making 'hi mom' jokes and talking about #teamnorthamerica, which is just the seed i needed to get started on my new BMX slash fic.

After flunking out of Mountie college, Tory took to BMX riding to find himself. He never dreamed of finding someone to ride along the way...


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i just feel like if faster was my wingman here we'd both be going home pretty happy.


i just feel like tory wouldn't make you breakfast the next morning but he'd probably go down the block to tim horton's if i gave him the money.

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2 hours ago, nykfan845 said:

Andre Degrasse when you have the likes of Jimmy Vicaut and Ashton Eaton? Keep him.

Eaton is a little off looking to me. But to each their own. I've noticed that the tastes are dramatically different. Rols with his Latinos, the beefcake squad.

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