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42 minutes ago, krow said:

tom daley and his 400 year old boyfriend will probably be there to annoy us.

Tom Daley has a nice body but he's too boyish and underage looking that I just can't with him. Give him to the catholic priests they'll want him!

For hot guys who don't look like man children I'll be watching the guys in gymnastics, rugby and wrestling!

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1 hour ago, MissEurasia said:


^^I'm tuning in for this...^^

Ooh yes! But honestly there's far more to see from him outside of gymnastics. In his personal life he's a fan of sending some pretty raunchy pics that leave little to the imagination!


Also, he kind of has a gay porn twin out there too lol. His name is Damien Crosse and he's looking older now, but when he first started in porn you swear Danell and Damien could be brothers. Hell they could very well be related, they're both of Cuban descent.


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2 hours ago, Olympic Fan Darcy said:

If you're into the twink look.. Tiniest speedos ever designed by Stella McCartney. 


Gays have been going crazy for this queen for years, but not me.


1 hour ago, cslopes54 said:

Cant wait for all the beef in wrestling and lifting :D

Me too! I love muscley and meaty men! Just as long as they're not too burly!

23 hours ago, Faster said:

Phelps is fugly. His face is just.....no....

lol I agree his head and face are shaped like a mess and I was never a fan of him until this year. I like the tan he's sporting, but also he looks more mature and he's a father now. I have a thing for older guys with kids. I'm not interested in the kids a man has just like the fact they have one. I swear I'm destined to be a homewrecker lol

In general though I'm not a fan of swimmers because they have absolutely no legs or ass.

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2 hours ago, LatinXTC said:

Gays have been going crazy for this queen for years, but not me.

Lmfao - yeah, IDK what it is with some of these guys that like these total twigs! Give me a handsome cutie-pie with enough meat & potatoes on his bones & with a sweet bubbly, bouncy bounce trunk & I'm in hog heaven!!! :lol:

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